Perhaps the "white privilege movement," should be renamed the "pillage movement." Why? Because, it pillages three Cs that made America great: the Constitution; Capitalism; and Christian/Judeo values.

After exposing the anti-American agenda of the "privilege movement," I was contacted twice by a woman whom I believe is a public school employee in another county. In both cases, she referred to whites and America as "white supremacists."


What's behind this hatred? Is it the privilege movement? Well ... yes, but, "What's behind the privilege movement?"

I remember speaking with retired U.S. Army General Gerry Boykin, a preeminent expert on threats from Marxist insurgencies in America. Boykin explained most modern anti-American movements such as Occupy Wall Street are direct outgrowths of methodologies of Marxism to foment revolution (against capitalism) within America.

Unfortunately, progressive activists fail to recognize characteristics of Marxism even when they themselves are advocating policies suspiciously identical to those of Karl Marx.

Exactly, what is Marxism?

Marx said, "My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism."

His destructive ideas, predicated on "social conflict" theory, suggest the bourgeoisie (middle class) would increasingly oppress the proletariat (working class), thus leading to an escalating class struggle; eventual revolution; and totalitarian utopia. His theoretical utopia is supposedly achieved when factors of production (land, labor and capital) are forcibly taken from the private sector and controlled by the collective (government).

Key concepts to remember: 1. Marxism seeks to foment revolution by workers against business owners; 2. Marxism seeks to destroy free-market capitalism, and 3. Marx despised Christianity.

Remembering these three concepts, let's review comments from a member of Carroll County Public School's multicultural committee that advocates "privilege" theology. Two weeks ago, he wrote, the question is whether, "…financially-well-off, white, Christian, English-speaking, native-born, able-bodied, college-educated, heterosexual, middle-aged men," should hoard power and privilege?

Whoa, partner, stop right there! Whites, Christians and heterosexuals hoard power and privilege?

That's an ugly racist indictment against white, Christian, English-speaking people, courtesy of the "Pillage Movement." Imagine … suppose the word "Christian" was changed to "Jewish;" wouldn't it sound remarkably similar to racism in 1938 Germany that helped instigate Kristallnacht attacks against white, Jewish, Hebrew speaking business owners?

Doesn't it also remind you of Obama's comment, "You didn't build that [business]"? Both reek of covetous un-Christian class-envy politics that disrespect individual achievement.

These movements share troubling undercurrents: They do not recognize people as individuals responsible for their own successes or failures. They cynically divide people with identity politics, and position everything as a product of class warfare (now disguised as multiculturalism).

The idea that people achieve success when they adhere to strong work ethics and values is discounted.

Imagine … right here in Carroll County — sponsored by organizations funded with your tax dollars.


Twenty-first century Marxism now hides behind euphemistic terms such as "social justice" theory and "privilege" theory.

If you are unsuccessful, it is because your group was denied "social justice."

If you are successful, it is because your group had "white privilege."

Blaming failure on other people is an un-American loser's game.

Non-communist allies of Lenin were frequently referred to as "useful idiots." It means, "someone that becomes a propagandist and ally for a cause they do not fully understand." In the end, Lenin simply exploited "useful idiots" to acquire power and ultimately imprisoned or killed many of them.

Is it possible today's white privilege warriors lack sufficient political awareness to realize they may be allowing themselves to become 21st century "Useful Idiots" of an anti-American movement?

In Carroll County, government funded institutions won't allow themselves to send Christmas cards that say "Merry Christmas." So, ironically, why do these same organizations behave like "useful idiots" by supporting progressive church-sponsored "privilege" events based on principles suspiciously similar to Marx's social conflict theories?

Consider this: A privilege theory activist came to my office and suggested Christ was a "communist."

God help us. This self-loathing, un-American movement has a superficial aura of legitimacy, but when you dig deeper, you discover communist ideology … pure and simple.

I propose we rename it the "Pillage Movement," because that's what it really does to America.

Question: Should taxpayer funding be cut from government-funded organizations that support this political drivel and reduce their "privilege?"

Richard Rothschild is a Republican county commissioner representing District 4.