Rothschild: Liberals lack moral authority to judge others

In business, I always advise people to avoid doing business with people that are unusually mistrustful. My experience has always been that honest people tend to view others as honest, while dishonest people project their own dishonest tendencies onto others ... thus providing a "tell" by way of their own mistrustful behaviors.

Watching the behavior of leftist liberals after the election of Donald Trump, the same concept clearly applies to liberal political activists.


Try to remember all of the times the left has thrown hateful labels at conservatives in America: anti-semite, racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, climate denier, extremist, intolerant … and their newest childish label … deplorable.

Most of you know, I view the left's name-calling as nothing but acts of desperation. Name-calling is the tool of last resort by people who can't win the debate based on facts, logic, science, economics, morality or the Constitution.


However, in light of the poor behavior of the left during the recent election, I return to my original theory: Is name-calling by leftist activists simply a projection of their own poor character? Are they simply projecting their own shortcomings onto others?

Let's do a quick review of liberal antics during the election season: burning cities, looting, hateful hostility toward our brave law enforcement officers, creating so-called "safe zones" at universities for whimpering students who are undergoing emotional breakdowns because Hillary didn't win, and of course, calls for more sanctuary counties for illegal immigration.

The coup-de-gras of the anti-Trump movement occurred last week when a white man was kidnapped by four blacks who beat him while spewing anti-Trump profanity. My wife reminded me of the Chicago man who was viciously beaten after a minor car accident while bystanders screamed "He voted Trump."

Across America, there appears to be a cathartic awareness developing that, in fact, it is the liberal-left that writes the book on intolerance. And, of course, there is nothing they despise more than Christianity.

A few years ago, I was a guest on the Glenn Beck show discussing the threats to American autonomy and our constitutional form of government by various United Nations initiatives. One of these initiatives, Agenda 2030 contains a clause demanding worldwide "tolerance." Glenn asked, "Commissioner, what's wrong with tolerance?"

I answered, "Because in the world of leftist U.N. banana republics, Christianity is viewed as the epicenter of intolerance. So, when they say they demand tolerance, what they really want is to eradicate Christianity."

Recently, in Carroll, the Commissioners developed a set of objectives centered around a common theme of "Keeping Carroll… Carroll." No surprises here ... most Carroll Countians came here from adjacent counties to escape the trappings of commercialization, urbanization, dense development and other problems created by urban planners and their smartgrowth dictates. Common sense citizens intuitively understand that Keeping Carroll Carroll means preserving our rural agricultural heritage, fabric and values of our beautiful communities.

Predictably, the liberal left immediately began their tirade of letter writing and name calling … "racist, homophobe, intolerant," ... blah blah blah.

Of course, the hypocrisy and disconnect from reality within liberalism is self-evident: Liberals leave urban hell holes to escape the decay caused by their own failed policies, and then call conservatives names when we refuse to adopt the same failed policies that caused liberals to flee to Carroll in the first place.

They demand "inclusion, diversity, multiculturalism." But here's the problem. These are political terms. The left never uses qualitative terms such as, "responsible, law abiding, self-sufficient, moral or productive."

Why not? After all, these qualitative terms can apply to anyone regardless of their race, religion or national origin.

Here's why: Because liberal ideology is inherently racist. It sees, classifies and divides people based on outward identities, appearances or skin color; while remaining completely unable to see people based on the content of each individual's character.


True tolerance means evaluating people based on their hearts, minds and character rather than outward appearances.

Clearly, liberalism is a quagmire of hypocrisy that lacks the moral authority to judge anyone. However, I have good news for them. Conservatives and Christians, regardless of race, religion, or national origin are not your enemies … and neither is God.

Richard Rothschild is a county commissioner representing District 4.

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