Rothschild: 'Mont-Balti-George's' illegal sanctuary

Maryland should be renamed the "Kingdom of Mont-Balti-George" in recognition of the fact Montgomery County, Baltimore City and Prince George's County exploit their raw voting majorities in the Maryland House and Senate to "rule" all of Maryland.

Let's review some rural county grievances from the past six years:


•Majorities from the Kingdom of Mont-Balti-George passed laws that robbed our farmers and property owners of millions of dollars of development rights without any due process or compensation;

•Mont-Balti-George passed the Maryland Firearms Safety Act. During hearings, citizens opposing the bill outnumbered supporters at least 10 to 1, but Mont-Balti-George crammed it through anyway;


•Mont-Balti-George has confiscated rural counties' fuel tax monies for years, and redirected them to subsidize expensive, urban mass transit systems.

Now, in open rebellion against President Donald Trump and federal immigration laws, Mont-Balti-George is no longer content to simply pass rules that restrict our freedoms and expropriate fuel taxes. The Kingdom is now attempting to expand its oligarchic powers to new heights.

Their latest scheme would make Maryland a Sanctuary State for illegal immigration. It crosses serious boundaries that could trigger an unintended reaction from the United States Department of Justice.

Maryland Sen. Michael Hough, R-District 4, correctly refers to Mont-Balti-George's bill as "the Illegal Immigration Protection Act," in direct contempt of federal immigration laws. Essentially, it makes illegal aliens a protected class ... similar to diplomatic immunity.

Seventeen counties of the 24 jurisdictions in Maryland voted for Trump in the recent election. Yet, Mont-Balti-George wants to force its perverse legislation onto the majority of Maryland counties that agree with President Trump's policies on illegal immigration.

The Kingdom of Mont-Balti-George also appears willing to impinge on the separation of powers by handcuffing our constitutionally elected sheriffs and local law enforcement professionals. And, let's not forget their efforts to emasculate the reasonable and appropriate executive powers of Gov. Larry Hogan.

Liberal politics is one thing. Attempting to force illegal immigration sanctuary status onto 70 percent of Maryland against our will is unconscionable.

We suffer patiently under the oligarchy of Mont-Balti-George while they ram anything through the legislature they want. Rural counties don't like it, but, as stated in America's Declaration of Independence, "…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."

The structure of Maryland's legislature — most specifically, the Senate — is woefully unbalanced, thus completely denying the majority of counties any meaningful protection from the extremes of urban majoritarian rule. Maryland has 23 counties plus Baltimore City. Yet, only three or four urban jurisdictions have enough votes to crush all other counties combined. All 17 non-urban counties voting together still lack the Senate seats to block majoritarian abuse. We are deprived of any meaningful voice in the very chamber designed to protect us from raw democracy. Our votes are meaningless.

Our founding fathers foresaw this danger. Federally, it is why every state, regardless of size, was given exactly two votes in the U.S. Senate. Yet, because of wrong-headed judicial opinions, 20 percent of Maryland's political subdivisions (urban counties) control more than two-thirds of Maryland's Senate seats. This aberration deprives rural citizens of equal representation and is constitutionally unacceptable.

Clearly, the "War on Rural Maryland" by Mont-Balti-George has reached new heights and demonstrates a compelling exigent need for federal intervention to correct bad judicial opinions.

I have a message for President Trump: The vast majority of counties in Maryland overwhelmingly support policies to limit illegal immigration.


I have a message for Jeff Sessions and the United States Department of Justice: "Help! Please ... tear down that mistake." Whereas 17 Maryland counties voted for President Trump, perhaps the Department of Justice will petition the Supreme Court to correct prior state Senate apportionment opinions, and restore the proper operation of our Republic form of government in state senates across America. Equal representation (two votes) for every county. Period.

It is the only way to restore our Republican form of government as guaranteed in the United States Constitution, and prevent a handful of urban counties from again exposing us to perverse sanctuary state legislation. Only then, will the "Kingdom of Mont-Balti-George" be restored to "Maryland —The Free State."

Richard Rothschild is a Republican county commissioner representing District 4.

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