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Richard Rothschild: Nuclear Iran poses great risk

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress. His message was straightforward and profoundly insightful.

For those who have not been following events in the Middle East, President Barack Obama is in the midst of trying to make a deal with our "friends" the Iranians (not), in exchange for their assistance in fighting ISIS. The deal makes perfect sense to Obama. Iran helps fight ISIS, and we let Iran continue its nuclear program which, ostensibly, will allow them to eventually produce nuclear weapons. Lovely.


Netanyahu had plenty to say about this, and argued, "The greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons."

He said when it comes to Iran and ISIS, "the enemy of your enemy is [still] your enemy." True.


He explained the battle between Iran and ISIS is not a battle of good vs evil. Rather, it is simply two different factions of Islamic militants fighting over who will have control after they wipe out western civilization.

As Obama flirts with the devil, according to Netanyahu, "Iran's supreme leader ... spews the oldest hatred of anti-Semitism with the newest technology. He tweets Israel must be ... destroyed."

On the positive side, Netanyahu affirmed Israel and America will always stand together.

Well … not quite.

Jews and Christians should know that 50 Democrats in Congress boycotted the speech. Fifty Democrats boycotted the Prime Minister of Israel. Unconscionable. With whom are they trying to curry favor?

A few minutes later, during a radio interview, Newt Gingrich commented we are "losing the war" against radical Islam. He went on to say Obama is living in a "fantasy world" and suggested Obama is not dealing realistically with Islamic Middle East problems.

I disagree.

I believe Obama knows exactly what he is doing. In six years I have seen little if any indication that he cares about preserving the American dream or Judeo-Christian values. In fact, I would argue he is hostile to America's core values and our Constitution. I'll give you a hint you probably don't need … I believe his actions are destabilizing the world and jeopardizing the future security of Israel and America.


There is no scenario where it would be in our best interest to allow Iran to continue its nuclear program and build a bomb. None. Suffice it to say, a nuclearized Iran would take great pleasure in nuking countries they refer to as, "the little Satan (Israel); and the great Satan (America).

Heed this warning: Jewish historian, Bat Ye'or, best known for her writings about the oppression of non-Muslims under Islamic law, has her own theory on how and why these threats to human rights and freedoms develop, and how political correctness leads to self-destruction.

She said, "It is a long process that involves many elements and a specific mental conditioning. It happens when people replace history by myths, when they fight to uphold these destructive myths more than their own values because they are confused by having transformed lies into truth. They hold to those myths as though they were the only guarantee for their survival when, in fact, they are the path to destruction. Terrorized by the evidence and teaching of history, these people prefer to destroy it rather than face it. They replace history with childish tales, thus living in amnesia, inventing moral justification for their own self-destruction."

America, it is time to wake up. The threat from Islamic militants aided by current policies of the Obama administration are leading in the direction of a holocaust of epic biblical proportions.

Persecutions in the Middle East parallel those of 1930s Germany. Bible-believing Christians and Jews understand the implications of this threat. For some of my Carroll County friends who may be indifferent, I offer the following solemn warning: Israel is America's canary in the mineshaft. Whatever happens to Israel today happens to America tomorrow.

If you love America and your children, as I am sure you do, you will demand America do everything in its power to ensure militant Islam never gets a nuclear weapon. This would be an unprecedented abomination that would place the security of America and Israel in great peril.


Richard Rothschild is a Carroll County Commissioner representing District 4.