For months I've laughed at the liberal columnists as they explain their disdain of leading Republican presidential candidates. Most notably Cruz, Carson and Trump.

Yup, these opinion writers are offended one way or the other by each of these non-establishment Republicans. "Cruz is mean spirited, Trump is out of control, and Carson's a bigot… ." Blah blah blah.


Of course, these same columnists have little if any disdain for Hillary, who will only escape prison because an Obama justice department would never indict one of their own. And besides, if Obama gives her a free pass or a pardon, who knows, maybe she'll reciprocate by appointing him to fill Scalia's empty slot on the Supreme Court?

I can hear the shrieks from every conservative Democrat and Republican in Carroll County.

That would be the end of our Constitutional Republic as it gives way to hyper-democratic tyranny. All of the fringe groups, including radical greenies, government labor unions, the dependent class, illegal aliens of all persuasions, the Black Lives Matter gang, the Occupy Wall Street gang, and the erudite Marxists that dominate our universities could combine their votes as "stakeholders" to drive a final fat wooden stake right through the heart of America's Judeo-Christian hegemony. Instead, they would replace it with an amalgamation of class-envy social justice politics and strife that would thrill Karl Marx. Individual freedoms, fossil fuels, private vehicles, gun rights, private property rights, first amendment rights and free market capitalism … all gone.

I know you feel an urge to gag, as do I.

Of course, these same opinion writers have no problem with crazy Bernie Sanders, the communist running for office. Oh, excuse me, the politically correct term coined by 21st century Bolsheviks for Crazy Bernie is now, "Social Democrat." However, the difference between a Social Democrat and a Communist is, for all practical purposes, a distinction without a difference.

Please forgive my sarcasm, because there is a more cogent point to be made.

There is a reason non-establishment Republican candidates are leading in the polls. In 2014, when Republicans swept the country and made significant gains in federal and state legislatures, the message was simple: Stop Obama. Stop Obamacare. Stop deficit spending. Stop trampling our Constitution. Stop weaponizing the IRS. Stop attacking gun rights. Stop, stop, stop!

They didn't.

Rather, newly elected establishment Republicans in Congress quickly disproved the age old adage that, "Democrats are the crooked party, and Republicans are the stupid party." Instead, establishment Republicans in Washington demonstrated they are a party of cowards. They spoke boldly, got elected, and immediately betrayed us by refusing to wield their constitutional budgetary powers to stop Obama's relentless usurpation of our Constitutional Republic form of government.

These establishment politicians tried to justify their cowardness with lame excuses about the need to "reach across the aisle," and "collaborate" with the Left.


If voters wanted Republicans to become "collaborateurs" and reach across the aisle to implement more of Obama's "social-justice, destroy-America" policies, we could have simply voted for more liberals.

We didn't.

So where does it leave the 50 percent of America that understands we are on the verge of plunging America and the world into a thousand years of darkness? What if America moves in the direction that Sanders, Hillary and many establishment Republicans would take us? It leaves conservatives desperate for Republicans that have the chutzpah to actually stand-up and fight to preserve our country.


Frustrated Republicans — including veterans, Independents, Constitutionalists, small business owners, large business owners, bankers, brokers; automobile aficionados, gun owners, free market capitalists, Realtors, homeowners, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, property rights advocates, hunters, ATV'ers, law enforcement, the military, and Libertarians — all understand we face a crisis of epic biblical proportions.

What do they want?

They want a Republican president that is not a coward.

They want a president that is not owned by the establishment.

They want a president that will balance the budget.

Most importantly, they want a president that will take the fight to the other side, reel-in government, and preserve our Constitution and way of life that may soon be lost forever.

This may be our last chance to avoid the abyss.


Richard Rothschild is a Republican county commissioner representing District 4.