Letter: Rothschild's columns provide entertainment

I want to congratulate the Times for running the bi-weekly opinion pieces by Richard Rothschild. They provide me with regular entertainment, sometimes to a belly-laugh.

Mr. Rothschild has accomplished very little within his fives years in office while he has spouted off on national and global issues; wasting his time in office on such meanderings as global warming and his latest conspiracy theory. He wasted an entire year or more manufacturing the Agenda 21 scare that the United Nations was going to invade the county and take over its planning function and school curriculum. He did halt the $600 dues to the international organization ICLEI; replacing it with a $5,000-plus in dues to the deceptively named Clean Chesapeake Coalition.


Two things Rothschild has achieved is eliminating my former position as Sustainability Coordinator, not so much a blow to county operations as a delay in facing the realities of the benefits of solar energy generation. Rothschild also arranged an anti-planning and environment seminar — unfortunately the commissioners held it in the wrong county and it was later found to be illegal.

He has tried to blame his failure to have an anti-planning letter inserted in the new master plan on one intelligent planning commissioner after he and former commissioner Robin Frazier spent years attending dozens of planning session to do so.

Oh, I suppose he is due some credit for the English-only law in the county that he supported and voted for; the county is yet to find one instance to apply that law in over three years.

Mr. Rothschild likes to claim credit for canceling the contract with Frederick County to build an ill-conceived incinerator. In fact it was the county staff that negotiated Carroll out of a bad $3 million deal and the board of commissioners that made the final decision collectively to put that project in the trash can of screwball ideas.

Mr. Rothschild has also wasted much of his time in office testifying before state legislative committees in Annapolis to no avail. He also has spent a lot of unproductive time negotiating with the State Attorney General's office in an attempt to have them excuse Carroll from meeting the ethics requirements as state law mandates.

The bi-weekly articles by Rothschild in the Times are a repetitive assault on progressive governance. I sincerely do hope the Times continues its policy of allowing so much ink to his meanderings lest we be deprived of such humor.

Neil Ridgely