I haven't seen so much carrying on since my son threw the world's most horrendous tantrum when he was 3-years old because I wouldn't let him have a hamster. His frenzy was so explosive that you would have thought I voted for Trump or something. That was 31 years ago. Thirty one years later, I did vote for Trump and so did he.

It appears, though, that 30-ish still isn't old enough for some delicate flowers to be able to restrain themselves. There are institutions of higher learning that are providing safe spaces, Play-Doh and puppies to their grieving out-of-touch schoolchildren to give them solace. Hey, baby boomers, the upside is that we will all have exited this mortal coil when these airheads take over the wheelhouse. Warn your kids who will be old and dependent on them. Free puppies for all! I could understand all the fuss if they were told en masse that they weren't getting their hamsters. These melting snowflakes are pitching their destructive fits because Hillary didn't get her way to continue and massively expand their progressive agenda. God forbid, a law and order candidate should win the presidency.


Why can't these progressives just grow up? Life is a series of hits and misses. God knows, we conservatives have had our "fair share" of misses under the imperial rule of Lord Barack and his court jesters Harry "The Horrible" Reid and Nancy "Baltimore's Best" Pelosi. Here's a little ditty that I heard once that goes something like this: Most everyone is a liberal until they reach the age of reason; unfortunately too few ever do.

So how have these downtrodden waifs demonstrated their personal devastation? Some, if not most, exercised their First Amendment rights peacefully, but tearfully. Then there are those who seemed to think that violence and laying waste of the landscape was the appropriate reaction to their distress. Remember, these are the same folks who demand tolerance of their beliefs and lifestyles. Believe me, all you lo-cal cupcakes, I was severely disappointed when Barack was elected … twice! But you know what? I commiserated with my like-minded "deplorables" over a beer and proceeded to put up with his lead-from-behind foolishness for eight years of the most excruciating presidential administration in my lifetime. Jimmy Carter called and thanked me for that statement. We didn't set fires, riot, loot or destroy cop cars. I realized that kind of reaction would be uncivilized, not to mention illegal. No, I stand corrected; that stuff didn't even cross my mind as a possibility. I did not, nor did any of my fellow demoralized conservatives, throw a hissy fit.

That brings me to the latest inapt outpouring by the leaders of the liberal proletariat … the Hollywood elite. These folks, who make a living pretending to be someone else, believe that, because they are venerated by hordes of vacuous groupies as experts in all things wise, they can indeed force their personal views on us all by virtue of their celebrity. This wide net also ensnares the cast of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" who deemed it necessary to call out Vice President-elect Mike Pence as he was leaving the theater. Relatively speaking, they were respectful enough of Pence but arguably used an inappropriate venue with the obvious intention of making headlines. In part, they said this, "We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir."

Two interesting tidbits if I might digress: First, the casting call for the musical stated that no whites need apply … the essence of diversity, wouldn't you agree? Second, Alexander Hamilton (yes, the very same Hamilton revered in the musical) devised the concept of the Electoral College ... an ironic turn for all you who wish to trash it and start over because your favorite corrupt historic first woman presidential candidate lost "big league", to coin a phrase.

I think it would be valuable to unpack the comments made to Pence by the Broadway cast. They are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that the new administration will not protect them. Here's my take on that — join the club. Diversity in my mind includes more than race, sexual orientation and the select favored creeds. Diversity requires tolerance of more than just those people and things who are deemed worthy by the progressive left. There is conservative diversity that also demands tolerance. All non-violent creeds deserve tolerance and respect and, indeed, that does include Christianity and Judaism, both of which are indisputably objects of derision and intolerance by the far left. Obama has tried mightily to force the Little Sisters of the Poor and the Christian owners of Hobby Lobby to accept the Obamacare contraceptive mandate against their closely held religious tenets. The Christian owners of Chick-fil-a were publicly vilified for merely voicing their religious views about traditional marriage. Human life demands tolerance and respect, to include the unborn. Hillary is a proponent of unrestricted abortion, even to the point where it would be perfectly acceptable to mutilate a full-term infant as it is about to open its eyes to the wonders of its new world.

I believe a reasonable compromise on diversity stems from a tolerant tolerance on both sides meaning that there be a peaceful coexistence. Each side stays out of the faces of the other. Where life and livelihood are unaffected, exercise your diversity. You let me be who I am and I'll let you be who you are. Deal?

Cal Pierce writes from Hampstead. Reach him at yaddax2@comcast.net.