Pierce: Left's attacks on Trump getting old

I'm pretty much fed up with the radical left in general and Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Elijah Cummings and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in particular. It has been a little over a month since Donald Trump was sworn-in as president and this gifted band of hypocrites have been on full-frontal attack every day since. We have seen and heard these people relentlessly spew their vitriol about anything anti-Trump. They lost the election; they throw tantrums. That's what they do.

Mike Flynn just resigned as Trump's national security adviser. Seems he had had some discussions with, among other of his world counterparts, the Russian ambassador to the U.S. prior to the Trump administration's official start. The Democrats apparently didn't like that claiming that he discussed Russian sanctions. They declared Flynn in violation of an obscure law called the Logan Act. This law was chronicled way back in the 1799 because one Dr. George Logan, a private citizen, negotiated with France, which was having a dispute with the U.S. It was enacted because the opposing party at the time was jealous of Logan's success in calming those unsettled relations. Because of his negotiations, France resumed trade with the U.S. and released captured sailors. Logan was brought to task but never prosecuted. In fact, no one has been charged or prosecuted under that law since. Logan was elected U.S. senator from Pennsylvania. That was the last anyone had even heard of the Logan Act. Leave it to the vindictive left to sniff it out for their entertainment.


Sally Yates, the since-fired recalcitrant acting attorney general, left over from Obama's glorious reign, who defied President Trump's temporary immigration order, felt it necessary to advise the White House that Flynn had these discussions, which she fancied would put Flynn in a compromised position with the Russians. Trump's legal people checked this out and found no wrongdoing. After all, somewhat of a precedent had been set by one Sen. Barack Obama back when he was shilling for the presidency and making unofficial cold-calls on a variety of countries all over the Mid-East, Russia and beyond. Where was the Logan Law then?

What Flynn did was not only legal, it is a routinely accepted practice for transitional persons who will be dealing with countries around the world when in their official capacities. Unfortunately, Flynn gave Vice President Pence some flawed info, either mistakenly or otherwise, that Pence used in press interviews that put egg on the VP's face. This did not please Trump or Pence. Trump asked for Flynn's resignation and accepted it. Since what Flynn did was legal, the reason Trump fired him was that his confidence in Flynn was eroded. Why Flynn provided dicey info to Pence is anyone's guess; nonetheless, Flynn did not violate the dusty Logan Act.

This is exactly what the radical left has been anticipating ... an opening. They are relishing their severe case of mass TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Indeed, they have mashed the pedal to the metal. It will stay there until they have crashed head-on into a constitutional crisis. It gives them goosebumps just thinking about Trump in the impeachment dock. They will not relent. If they are intent on finding Russian conspiracies, the left need look no farther than Hillary's deal to sell 20 percent of the U.S. uranium stockpiles to Russia, and Obama's open-mike comment to the Russian ambassador that Vlad should be aware that he would have "more flexibility" with Russia after his second election. Where was the left's selective outrage over those cozy deals?

The Constitution, that essential document with which the left has a tenuous relationship at best, specifically gives the president power to manage immigration policy, yet they dragged that tenet and Trump into court on the flimsiest of pretenses while successfully rousing the rabble. Their ploy was to use ultra-liberal Washington state to sue Trump in one of the most liberal (and most frequently over-turned) circuit courts in the nation so that they could jam their left-handed wrench firmly into the works.

Let's not forget the shenanigans that our now-retired but hovering ex-president constantly pulled on us for eight long and agonizing years: the deadly Fast and Furious gunrunning debacle; the deadly Benghazi tragedy; the deadly red-line-in- the-sand farce; the deadly premature pull-out of the newly won Iraq, which gave us the deadly ISIS infestation; the menacing Iran deal; and all those illegal executive orders. Did anyone get impeached in Obama's lethal cabal? Where were the self-serving, histrionic Democrats in Congress when all that havoc was transpiring? Ironically, Schumer, Cummings, Pelosi, etc. now want a "thorough and transparent" investigation into whatever it is they want investigated because "we're in a fight for the soul of our democracy."

Chuck, Elijah and Nancy each demonstrate that the Democrats in Congress cherish political melodrama. I don't recall anyone on the right shedding tears, either real or forced, because Obama was "mean," but now that Sen. Schumer has broken the ice, maybe we should try it. On second thought, we are the adults in the room.

Cal Pierce writes from Hampstead. Reach him at