Pierce: Trump's stark description of country is spot-on

This inaugural weekend found me rooted in front of the TV. Full disclosure: I voted for President Trump. He was not my first choice, but, as it turned out, he was my only choice.

Trump's "So help me God" has begun a whole new American renovation. His inaugural address wasted no words. It was short, economical, pointed and controversial. He gave no quarter to the Washington "establishment" on both sides of the aisle, the go-along to get-along crowd. It was quite a spectacle.


This paper published a column on the day after the swearing-in written by Noah Bierman of the Los Angeles Times' Washington Bureau. It was titled, "Inaugural speech paints stark picture." The piece does avoid the hackneyed description "dark," a favorite description of various things Trump by the left-wing media. Bierman talks about Trump "painting a bleak vision" of the nation. In my view, our country is indeed bleak in some very important aspects. It might be a good idea to finally face that portrayal head-on. Trump painted this picture of America as it is, as it has become … an America that he is hell-bent on transforming in a way that former President Barack Obama couldn't fathom.

Trump's vision, which he wasted no time initiating within hours of his oath, will bring this country back to its former glory as the strongest, safest, most prosperous and most generous but fair country in the world. His vision is one that ensures that our country and its citizens, natural-born or legally welcomed, have first dibs. It is a vision that willingly assists our neighbors around the world, but not at the detrimental expense of our own well-being and not exclusively on our dime.

The U.S. is about $20 trillion in debt thanks to Obama and George W. Bush. We can hardly be expected to continue to support addressing the world's afflictions without some sharing of the monetary burden. Interestingly, among the top 25 countries that received U.S. foreign aid for fiscal year 2013, Russia got $465.2 million, which included $20.1 million for military assistance, and Mexico received a total of $419.9 million. Maybe Mexico, but Russia? Yes indeed, that same Russia that, we're told, is the primary reason that Trump is currently our president. Wasn't Obama president in FY13? Just sayin'.

China didn't crack the top 25, but they did get something, a paltry $13.9 million, and Cuba scored a tidy $19.3 million. The State Department's Foreign Assistance Summary Tables for FY2013 lists pages of countries in the world that obviously need our assistance and should get it, but let's take another look at those truly in need. Do we really need to bribe Russia and China to get their respect? In China's case, they will lend it right back to us. Trump might be on the right track.

In addition, our NATO allies really must pony up a little more. The price of membership is 2 percent of GDP, but apparently there are a number of club members in arrears. The U.S. is borrowing money from China to support the slackers and our future generations will pay the mounting tab. These situations deserve at least a look-see.

The president referred to "carnage" throughout the land, "tombstones" of shuttered and decaying factories that once supported well-paying jobs. The mainstream media took umbrage at those descriptions; more darkness they say. Can anyone really dispute his description? The U.S. is not a modern day "Metropolis," but which of those news outlets can, in good conscience, deny the urban blight and joblessness, the mounting murder rates of the citizenry as well as police officers in several major cities, the disgraceful state of public education, to list only a few?

Trump has already begun checking off the items on his list of campaign promises and he has only been in office four days. Will the man sleep? It's a good bet that Congress will be spending less time at the gym.

As a footnote, I need to mention that as a Vietnam veteran, I was so honored to see the new president proudly acknowledging his military officers and troops with a perfectly executed hand salute while greeting them warmly. I saw deep respect and gratitude on both sides of those salutes. What a stark contrast!

Cal Pierce writes from Hampstead. Reach him at