No sport in counting Obama failures [Letter]


In his July 12 column in the New York Post, Rich Lowry wrote one of the best lines I have read. Lowry wryly observed that "As a defender of the nation's borders, President Obama is a hell of a pool player."


Spot on. An observation such as that deserves further treatment. I'm here to give it a crack.

As the leader of the free world, Obama is a hell of a basketball player (two hoops for 22 tries). Perhaps his past and present Secretaries of State can restore our allies' respect and confidence the U.S. used to enjoy … jump shot.

Here's a sample: German Chancellor Angela Merkel expelled the U.S. CIA chief for spying on her country and hacking her personal phone. That's a three-pointer in anybody's book. No doubt she could humble him in soccer too.

As a protector of religious freedom, the president is a hell of a baseball pitcher. The Washington FreeBeacon reports that "he looked like he was trying to shot-put a hacky sack, or something" at a recent Little League game. I'm thinking that our other Constitutional guarantees may be thrown out at home as well.

As the Commander-in-Chief of what is the quickly-diminishing, but still the planet's most formidable military, he is a hell of a bowler. Can you imagine a bowling score of 37? Perhaps gutter bumpers might help. It's even harder to imagine that he handed out pink slips just the other day to soldiers while they were in the trenches. Oh yes, he blames the massive draw-down on the Republicans' sequester. Will he also blame the other guy when America is a third-world power? Doesn't this man understand that our premier military has historically been the neighborhood superman that protected the scrawnier kids on the block? Apparently not. He'll just settle for a three-pin box rather than a 10-pin strike.

As the modern-day Nero watching the Mid-East burn at the hands of the most extreme Islamic fanatics, Obama is a hell of a boy-wonder Nobel Peace Prize winner. Those red lines in the sand just don't get much press anymore.

As the skipper and catalyst of a bust-to-boom economy as was Ronald Reagan, Obama is a hell of an Emmy nominee. Just another one of those pesky photo ops he avoids.

And finally, as the president of the most exceptional country in history, our executive duffer is one hell of a golfer.

Cal Pierce