Obama should just resign from office [Letter]

There is much ado about the various official measures that could be exacted against President Barack Obama for the abuse of the power he has, the use of power he does not have and his wanton disregard for his oath of office.

The word "impeachment" has been bandied about, and a largely futile lawsuit has been voted up by the House Republicans. The chance of either of these ploys succeeding is regrettably the same as that of the snowball in hell with which we are familiar.


I could exhaust my allotted 400-word limit plus hundreds more itemizing his bulldozed breaches of trust, but there is little sense in rehashing issues about which every informed citizen is well aware, be they pro or con Obama. No matter the camp in which you stand, the facts remain the facts. Obama rules with his pen and his phone, and the two remaining branches of our constitutional government be damned unless, of course, they bless his agenda. If not, he eagerly goes it alone.

He pours on the hype about trying to save the American middle class, never missing an opportunity to remind his admirers how warm and cozy his kingdom would be if it weren't for those mean and heartless Republicans and, of course, the Supreme Court, depending on how they come down on his shenanigans. The Court hasn't racked up many assists for him over his tenure. Obama's big judicial coupe was Obamacare, but only because Chief Justice John Roberts undoubtedly missed his morning coffee and was thus sorely befuddled. That debacle convinced the imperial president of his invincibility and he refilled his charmed pen with more turmoil.

Obama makes a mockery of the presidency and our country. It is so very sad. He raises money for his cronies immediately after four Americans are murdered in Benghazi. He yucks it up on the links while the parents of a beheaded son try desperately to keep each other's heart from rending into a million pieces. The man exudes disgrace.

While he aloofly revels in the trappings of office, the fragile security of the United States and that of its quickly-dwindling bloc of allies is left blowing in the wind. The captain of the ship of state is AWOL and happy to be so.

Obama should spare us the aggravation and just resign. Go play golf or something, please.

Cal Pierce