McNulty: Lister uses artistic eye to choose fashions

Art can be seen in almost every kind of decorative object, jewelry and clothing in our society. The Carroll Hospital Auxiliary's Wellness Boutique at 291 Stoner Ave. is well known in the community for its ongoing display and sale of trending fashions.

A part of the Auxiliary's Candy Striper gift shops, the boutique was established in fall 2014 to offer merchandise with "comfort, strength and wellness in mind." For example, the store sells fashion scarves that are colorful and pretty to cheer up patients. Many of the scarves are long and narrow so that they can be used as a turban for those who do not want to wear a wig.


They have a wig department featuring current hair designs while reflecting the needs and wants of the customer.

Ann Lister is the Auxiliary's volunteer fashion buyer for the boutique.

Lister has always had a love of artistic things. She studied drawings, pastels and watercolor with local artist Shirley Lippy.

She also made and sold her own jewelry line for 20 years using crystals and semiprecious stones. Lister sold over 500 charm necklaces she made as well.

Today, she uses her artistic talents to choose the fashions for the Wellness Boutique.

"For the summer, I buy lightweight smaller scarves for adding just a little softness around the neck," she explained. "Aqua is a big color this year along with cayenne. Bright colors are popular at this time of year. These scarves brighten up neutral clothing. Royal blue is always popular in both spring and summer."

The shop also sells brocade newsboy caps and turbans.

"I always love something with a little sparkle in it because we can all use a little sparkle in our lives," Lister said.

Lister has chosen a line of clothing that has a comfortable fit. Natural linens and cotton crocheted pieces are trending right now. "To me it's all about texture," Lister commented.

Many of the little summer dresses are one-piece shifts or two-layered pieces. Many of them have a slight stretch to the fabric, which makes the dresses comfortable on many body types.

Layering is still popular. "I believe layering is never going to go out of style nor are tunics," Lister said. People layer vests, tops and scarves over tank tops.

"Everyone needs a drawer of tank tops," she said. The camisoles are also useful for the see through fabrics in current fashions.

"Almost everything is in," Lister said. There are still people wearing wide leg pants while others prefer leggings.

Leggings get more popular every year. Leggings come in different lengths and colors. At the boutique, black is the most popular followed by the spring white, cream, aqua, and grey colors, she said.


The boutique also offers a line of jewelry for sale. Necklaces are another item that can be layered. Gold and silver can be layered together today in different lengths.

"You can mix anything now, so why not," Lister commented.

Wrap bracelets are another trend. One bracelet is a coil that wraps around the arm resembling many bracelets.

Lister has already ordered the fall merchandise including ponchos that she feels will always be popular. Newer zipper styles will be for sale at the Wellness Boutique in the fall.

"Ponchos are also part of the layered look," she said.

"It started out that I just wanted to volunteer for the gift shop and then I went to the boutique. I enjoyed it so much that they asked me to become the clothing buyer. It's fun and collaborative. I do the best I can do to work for everyone," Lister explained.

Lyndi McNulty is owner of Gizmos Art in Westminster. Her column appears every other week in encore.