McGrew: Trump not listening to suggestions to unite

Dear President Trump,

Sadly, you don't seem to be listening to anybody's suggestions about ways to unify America like you promised.


The primary advice you're taking is from your "chief strategist," Steven Bannon. As you know, Mr. Bannon ran Breitbart News, which he himself called, "the platform for the alt-right."

Breitbart trumpets white supremacy, opposes immigration, multiculturalism and feminism, and insults Muslims, among others. Listening to Bannon is dooming your presidency and threatening national security.


You have the highest disapproval rating of any new president. Plus, the "unpresidented" protests this early on within government and across the nation are only increasing.

So much for your pledge to make us into a "country that is well-healed." Or, did you really mean "well-heeled" — like you and your cabinet?

Still, since I'm a hopey-changy psychologist who likes to start with positives, here goes:

First, thanks for the continuing stock market surge. You da man!

Second, thanks for allowing your cabinet members to disagree with you on climate change, trade and security issues. Please listen to them.

Third, thanks for asking smart Marine generals to join your cabinet. Soon, you may realize that, like the CIA, they know far more than you about security issues.

Fourth, thanks for asking your generals to focus on cybersecurity. I know you don't want Russkies to expose your e-mails or tax returns. Not that this is likely as you continue to compliment Putin while berating Australia's and Mexico's leaders.

Fifth, thanks for planning to provide health "insurance for everybody" that will be, "much less expensive and much better."

Seriously, how you will accomplish this given the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimates that your agenda of tax cuts and spending will already increase U.S. debt by $7 trillion over the next 10 years?

Recently, I spotted your campaign bumper sticker touting, "TRUMP TRUTH." To your supporters, I suspect it reflects their true alienation and anger concerning our country.

But, to the now less-silent majority, Trump Truth represents your exaggerated but narrow world view full of record-breaking "alternative facts." PolitiFact, another nonpartisan group, assessed your statements during the campaign at 75 percent mostly or fully false compared to Hillary's at 29 percent. Wow!

I work with students displaying emotional/behavioral issues. Most are nice kids who have trouble managing their feelings and following rules. Like you, some are extremely impulsive, brag often, lie regularly and take slights very personally.


You especially remind me of a few students who also have bullied peers and sexually harassed girls. One student continues to lie about his role in misbehavior despite videotaped evidence to the contrary. Sound familiar?

Currently, several students are behaving much better in special classes and are moving back into bigger classes. I provide counseling support as they "mainstream."

Your transition from pre-election misbehavior into the presidential mainstream somewhat parallels my students' adjustment into bigger classes. But so far, their transition appears to be going much better than yours.

I teach my students to avoid negative attention, be respectful, consider consequences and develop successful, honest coping strategies. I encourage friendships that help them resist provocations and stay out of trouble.

Mr. President, you've failed miserably so far as a mainstream president along these criteria.

To fix this, do your, "You're Fired!" routine with Mr. Bannon.

Replace him with Dr. Phil as your new special adviser. He'd challenge your bullying and Orwellian truths. Plus, he'd offer great insight into your narcissism.

It'd make for great reality TV. You could even executive produce it.

I could also ask several successfully mainstreamed students to advise you. Their experience certainly could help you learn how to treat people better.

Please write back this time. Otherwise, I might send my next letter to Alec Baldwin. He clearly knows how to get your attention.

Best wishes,


Mike McGrew is a Carroll County Public Schools psychologist for the B.E.S.T. Programs. He writes from Westminster.

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