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Support offered to Scanlan in delegate race [Letter]

During the June Primary Election, Carroll County voters began to throw the bums out of the county commissioners' office. Sadly, there's more work to do in that regard. Two of them survived the primary, and another is attempting to return via a write-in campaign. Still, progress is progress.

A different story exists with our delegates in Annapolis, where several ineffective incumbents are on the ballot for another cycle. This offers more of the same stagnation, with Carroll getting little effective voice in Annapolis.


We should begin to clean house in our delegation as well, seeking a voice that other legislators will at least listen to.

Accordingly, I ask you to vote for Dorothy Scanlan. As a Democrat, she will find doors open to communicate with the Annapolis power structure. As an intelligent, responsible person who cares about the welfare of all county residents, she will take all of our opinions as a guide to her actions.


A former Carroll teacher, Scanlan knows the craft of teaching and how to link state actions to our local school situation. A strong supporter of public education, she will gather benefits for all of our children, not just the select few whom the commissioners favor with their shady slush fund. Citing one specific, she favors funding the Thornton plan, which guarantees dollars for our schools.

She will work for small business success in Carroll. Small businesses make jobs for Carroll residents and keep a greater share of our spending dollars in the local economy than large conglomerates provide.

Seniors who choose to stay and support our beautiful county pay a tax cost they could have avoided by moving elsewhere. Scanlan is on seniors' side in this issue, favoring elimination of the tax on pension income.

I disagree with her opposition to the stormwater remediation fee, but I know that she sees our need for a comprehensive state and local effort to clean up the bay. Some say that other states upstream are to blame, but those accusers ignore the 60 percent share of the problem that Maryland causes. Scanlan knows this and will work to help us deal with the part of the mess that we can fix.

So, do yourself and your children a favor. Elect Scanlan as District 5 Delegate in the legislature.

Wilbur Long