Letter: U.S. military spending out of control

I'd like to believe.

Politicians say the darndest things. Almost all of them, and a lot of people who believe them, apparently think that our military is being dismantled, that it is weak, and that we are in danger. I find it hard to believe. Here are some numbers that contradict this popular, political, punditry.


According to Wikipedia there are, in the world today:

22 active aircraft carriers — USA has 11, next is India, which has two, China and Russia each have only one. That's right, 11! We have a veritably invincible force.

149 nuclear submarines — USA has 74, next is Russia with 45. China has nine.

20,089 combat aircraft — USA has 3,680, next is China with 2,571, Russia has 1,337.

$1.6 trillion military budget — USA spends $610 billion, next is China $129 billion.

So when Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz all shout, "we need more guns!" I find it hard to believe.

Bernie Sanders has asked to hold disreputable defense contractors and the Pentagon, accountable. Lest we forget that Northrop Grumman was fined $850 million, Lockheed Martin $600 million, and Raytheon $479 million dollars, not so long ago, for mishandling your hard earned tax dollars.

He is the only candidate who is willing to even "suggest" that our "Military Industrial Complex" is out of control, and ever since Eisenhower coined the phrase, this is exactly what's been happening. Whoever you're voting for, whatever party you're in, the majority of the American public believe this to be true, but as I read in an article yesterday, "Don't expect Congress to do anything about it."

I'd like to believe that as a species, we'll someday evolve and leave these foolish ways behind; after all, we've had 200,000 years to figure it out.

Jesse Yerger