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Letter: Hillary Clinton won't make a good president, either

To paraphrase John Culleton in his Dec. 22 column, "If I had a leaky faucet, I would not hire a community organizer. If I needed a new three-piece suit, I would not visit a community organizer." If I wanted someone to lead the greatest nation in the world, I would not vote for a community organizer.

Culleton dismisses most of the GOP candidates because of their lack of military experience. Valid point. But exactly how much military experience did Obama have before he was elected? None. Many people think he still doesn't have any. How about Biden, any military experience? Nope. So by his own criteria, the men Culleton voted for are not qualified to hold their offices.


He thinks Clinton is qualified because she "… had contact with the Defense Department … ." I guess I could be a veterinarian because I once owned a dog. He reluctantly gives Jeb Bush military credit because as governor of Florida, he was in command of the National Guard. He had to do that because Martin O'Malley's only military experience is from being a governor.

Culleton says Warren Buffet is a very smart man and he supports Hillary. So, a rich person's endorsement is a good indicator of that candidate's worthiness? Does that logic also apply to the Koch brothers, big Republican backers? Probably not.


According to Culleton, Clinton doesn't make inflammatory comments. That's his opinion, but she does lie, a lot. She lied about coming under fire while visiting Bosnia. She lied about the Benghazi attack being a reaction to a video. She lied about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary. She lied about her daughter jogging around the World Trade Center on 9/11. She lied about how she made a 10,000 per cent profit on cattle futures. She lied about ISIS using video of Donald Trump as a recruiting tool. In a column in the Jan. 8, 1996, New York Times, William Safire detailed several of her lies and concluded that she "… is a congenital liar."

And this is the woman Culleton prays will be the next president of the United States. The problem isn't so much that Hillary is a habitual, even pathological, liar, it's that her supporters don't care.

We can debate whether any of the GOP candidates would make a good president, but there is an abundance of proof that Hillary Clinton would not.

Jeff Copoulos