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Letter: Szeliga will make national security a priority

With the presidential race dominating the headlines, it is easy to forget that voters will be able to decide on other races on Nov. 8. One of those races is for the vacant United States Senate seat. Voters should think long and hard about which candidate will put the safety and security of our nation first. This is not just an issue to consider in the national election but in our statewide races as well.

Here in Maryland, Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen has done little to make our nation safer and much to make it less safe. Not only has he not stepped up to make sure our soldiers have the tools they need to defend themselves — and all of us back at home — against our enemies, but he has sided with President Obama on agreements like the dangerously fool-headed nuclear deal with Iran.


Rep. Van Hollen is now running for the U.S. Senate. Ask yourself whether he or Republican candidate Kathy Szeliga will better stand up for our military and protect our interests at home and abroad. The answer seems pretty clear.

The daughter of a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, Szeliga has very publicly promised to make national security a priority and to strengthen America's leadership in the world. Unlike career politicians like Chris Van Hollen, Kathy Szeliga will put our safety and security above partisan politics.


Please join me on Election Day and vote for Kathy Szeliga for U.S. Senate.

Christopher Tomlinson


The writer is the Carroll County coordinator for Kathy Szeliga's campaign.