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Letter: Hard to ignore Clinton's scandals

How can we ignore the trail of scandals following Hillary Clinton?

For starters, Clinton had said she knew nothing about the threats to the Benghazi outpost in Libya. Her State Department email account showed nothing. But, after her private email server was discovered, over 900 emails surfaced concerning foreknowledge of the Benghazi attack.


Hillary's campaign operatives have been video recorded by undercover agents claiming, "It doesn't matter what the legal and ethics people say, we need to win this [expletive deleted] [campaign]."

In New York in April of this year, thousands of voters — mostly Bernie Sanders supporters — were purged from the voter rolls erroneously. Hillary squeaked by with a victory in that state.


And, of course, we've all heard about the private server Hillary used to "store" classified government emails. The FBI is still working on that case.

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Hillary endorsed the Patriot Act enabling the National Security Agency to collect bulk data of millions of Americans' phone records. She then flip-flopped and endorsed the Freedom Act that ended this practice.

And then, there's the many scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation. Folks donated over $156 million to the Clinton Foundation for face-time with Hillary. Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and a Canadian government agency all donated to the Clinton Foundation. All of these countries are trying to get the Keystone XL pipeline built. The Clinton Foundation had acquired over $2 billion prior to Hillary's presidential campaign. Millions of dollars have been "donated" to the Clinton Foundation by international companies and individuals who have benefited politically.

While Hillary was Secretary of State, Bill Clinton's speaking fees grew from about $150,000 a speech to $500,000 for a speech in Russia and $750,000 for a gig in China. Bill was paid at least $26 million in speaking honorariums. Hillary was the one to approve these speeches and their fees.

I'm only allowed 400 words, but there's so many more nebulous shadows following Hillary. The funding of neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, the arming of the Muslim Brotherhood, Vince Foster commodity deals, Whitewater, hiring Muslim Brotherhood members to work in the White House, the so-called Arab Spring that brought death and destruction to the Middle East, lambasting [fomer Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak, the DOJ spying on the press, the Solyndra affair, interfering with the Inspector General's investigation on departmental sexual misconduct, threats against Bill's former mistresses, the White House furniture issue…

This woman scares me.

Jim Gallagher