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Letter: Proud to be a Clinton supporter

Focus on GOP-Democratic party platforms, a letter writer says, and you will know how to vote (wink, wink) for America's next president. Glory be!

Yet, while she obviously supports the current GOP candidate, she cannot bring herself to include his name among her approximately 400 words.


Obviously, this is a deliberate void on her part. But why?

Perhaps, whatever she fears about choice and health for women, marriage for all couples who are in love, immigrants, sex education, raises in minimum wage, our great Carroll County Public Schools and fair-share taxes for the upper 1 percent (especially for the current candidate and pharmaceutical CEOs), she's decided that, once in the voting booth, she is going to close her eyes tight, hold her nose and not think about the male character model she wants for her grandchildren when she votes. Hmm, I wonder.


Will she really trust that bigoted, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, handicap-ridiculing, self-admitted groper and nuclear-proliferating carnival barker to somehow reconstitute himself with a clean, un-slimed mouth and appear from the heavens in white robe and open arms?

Maybe she actually believes that narcissist Donald J. Trump, whom Four-Star General, GOP former Secretary of State Colin Powell (along with nearly 70 top GOP officials and all living former presidents) repudiates as unfit for the Oval Office, will be her self-proclaimed savior right up there with Jesus Christ Himself, while our Republic and democracy burn in the depths of Armageddon hell.

Go figure.

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Frankly, I prefer that we do everything in our power for our children and grandchildren to preserve God's planet and stand firm for equality for all.

But she's in good company with remaining Trumpeteer Commissioners Dennis Frazier, Dick Weaver and Richard Rothschild.

And let's not forget Trumpeteers State Sen. Justin Ready and Delegates Haven Shoemaker, and, sadly, Susan Krebs, also, all whose names will likely be on future ballots, waiting with their empty boxes for our check mark.

By the way, I admire our Republican Gov. Larry Hogan for standing firm and openly against fascist theocracy, bigotry, misogyny and the abuse of women and little girls.

And, yes! My wife, a "nasty woman" in her own right (a trait for which I very much love her), and I are proud to exclaim openly that we will be voting for Hillary Clinton for president of the United States of America.


John D. Witiak

Union Bridge