Letter: Status quo, sadly, better than alternative

It's a shame Donald Trump can't dial back his inflammatory rhetoric, because if he did, he might have a chance to trounce Hillary Clinton.

Many of us are so frustrated with Washington politics that we would gladly vote for someone who promises to disrupt the status quo.


From the beginning, I was opposed to the idea of a Hillary Clinton coronation and happily supported Bernie Sanders. He was bold, sincere and refreshing. I also realized he could not possibly win because of the label "socialist." But I hoped Americans would be so tired of the usual politics that they would give him a chance.

Donald Trump was a similar kind of candidate, promising to break from the establishment crowd and try something new and revolutionary. But he lost me from the start by saying outrageous things about immigrants. And then he went on to stack the deck against himself by making blanket negative statements toward Muslims and even women, and revealing that he is a thin-skinned, mean bully who is more concerned with attacking his opponents than in winning the hearts and minds of Americans.

We are forced to wonder if he really wants to be President, or if this is a grand publicity stunt to launch his newest venture, Trump TV. The alternative takeaway is that he has no self-control whatsoever, which makes him way too dangerous to put in the White House.

So we are left with an impossible choice: Hillary Clinton, who will probably continue business as usual in Washington, D.C.; or Donald Trump, who is totally unpredictable and potentially very dangerous.

I'm not crazy about some of Hillary's policies, and as a Catholic I strongly object to her defense of unbridled abortion rights. But I can't bring myself to gamble our country's future on a man who seems to have no moral foundation, no interest in the common good and no self-control. A man who acts more like a 12-year-old than a mature adult. A man who might provoke nuclear war.

I'll be voting for Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 and hoping for the best. I just can't bring myself to consider the alternative.

Judy Hake

Union Bridge