Our choices for this election? Not stellar material, I'm afraid. But, none of us is perfect and it is our privilege and responsibility to vote.

So I've decided to focus on the party platforms. You can view the platforms online.


On the topic of abortion, Republicans oppose the wholesale business of murdering the preborn. The Democrats endorse this procedure. Republicans oppose Planned Parenthood. Democrats endorse Planned Parenthood. Republicans oppose school-based clinics that provide referral and counseling for abortion and contraception without parental consent. Democrats endorse this practice.

Republicans support parents' freedom to educate their children in the manner they choose. Democrats oppose home-schooling, some private schools and most charter schools. Democrats endorse public schools only.

Republicans support abstinence education to fight the spread of venereal disease and unwanted pregnancies. Democrats support abortion as a form of birth control. Democrats also oppose abstinence education. Instead, they support (free birth control) sexual activity among minors.

Republicans oppose Obamacare, instead supporting access to healthcare coverage consistent with religious, moral or ethical convictions. Democrats support Obamacare.

Republicans support stiffer penalties for illegal aliens. Democrats support granting driver licenses, free health care and free college education to illegal aliens.

In the Israel/Palestinian conflict, Republicans support the country of Israel. Democrats support Palestine.

Republicans support the traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Democrats endorse the LGBT agenda.

Republicans endorse the Constitution in its entirety. Democrats see the Constitution as a skeletal blueprint.

Republicans say minimum wage is an issue that should be handled on the state and local level. Democrats want to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Perhaps looking at the party platforms can help you decide whom to vote for.

Jill Gallagher