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Letter: When will the abortions stop?

As organizations such as Planned Parenthood continue their murderous trade, those of us who continue to have a conscience are beginning to wonder if we as a nation will ever get to the point whereby those who make their living by killing babies will ever feel satiated and say enough is enough — we will stop the killing.

Apparently the slaughter of the innocents has now reached a total of 60 million if we start counting in 1973 when nine men discussed the issue, and citing something called the Right To Privacy, declared that those in the womb are not people and if you want to kill them — have at it. That's what those who agreed with the Supreme Court did — and they did it with relish — much like the physician of Planned Parenthood who plunged her fork into her salad while discussing the harvesting of body parts, with special instructions on how to obtain an "intact calvarium" (head).


Those of us who are sickened by some of the conversations we hear on the tapes, such as one physician who declared her love for the prospect of obtaining a new Lamborghini, must understand that those who participate in this mass murder see nothing wrong with what they're doing — it's their normal. I'm reminded of a conversation between Adolph Eichman and one concentration camp commandant. Neither of them saw anything wrong in what they were doing either, although Eichman did complain of the smell from the chimneys. The commandant declared — "What do you expect — we're processing (killing) 12,000 a day!" We can expect that those employees of abortion clinics gripe and complain, just like employees of any job — if the workload gets too heavy. It's their normal.

Occasionally an abortion mill worker will be repelled when it hits him or her that what they're doing is immoral. One woman, at one time a Planned Parenthood clinic director in Texas, declared — "at one time I lived that life — it was common for us to get together for drinks after a hard day; there was a lot of gallows humor." This woman says an ultrasound changed her mind about what she was doing.


And so the gruesome work goes on as we top 60 million dead. Funny, but Adolph Hitler murdered 11 million while Josef Stalin killed 49 million — we've tied them.

Don Haines