Everyone deserves freedom of speech [Letter]


I am bemused at the recent Supreme Court decision that did not uphold the request that protestors against abortion stay a specified distance from persons entering abortion clinics. The rationale being that it is said protestors' freedom of speech.


I am all for freedom of speech. However, I am then puzzled that protestors against the Vietnam war were arrested. That in more recent years, when I marched in D.C. protesting the ongoing war in Iraq, I witnessed the arrest of returning veterans from this war who had joined in the protest. Their protest was a peaceful one. What about their freedom of speech?

Why are not said opponents to abortion as outraged that men and women (out of the womb) are sent to war to kill and be killed? And, if not killed, frequently wounded; thus their quality of life is greatly diminished for the rest of their lives. That the necessary medical care for their wounds has been neglected and often gone untreated due to either very sloppy management and/or in the hope that they will go away.

I am aware that insurance companies and workmen's compensation have a strategy to deny treatment with the hope that those seeking treatment will just go away. Employees are then rewarded monetarily for the number of people they have managed to turn away via this method.

Are the same protestors against a woman having a legal abortion aware that in the United States that same woman is not granted paid parental leave; which is granted to 182 of 185 nations surveyed by the International Labor Organization? Will they be there to shoulder the expense and care for unborn babies?

The assumption seems to be that all babies are born healthy; that they become the next Tebow. Have they visited institutions such as Rosewood Hospital Center, multiple homes for the disabled provided by organizations such as Target and ARC? Locally these organizations have not been able to obtain adequate funding from our local county commissioners. So, who is to care for them? Who is to pay?

As a parent of a profoundly handicapped child, both physically and mentally, I challenge these protestors to "judge not that you be not judged" (Matthew 7: 1-3) and/or be prepared to care for and pay for an unwanted child, whatever the reason.

Patricia Roop Hollinger