Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Esworthy family would like to thank our families, friends, neighbors and the staff, residents, families and visitors of Lorien Mount Airy for all of your love and support after the fire to our family home.


First of all we would like to express our love and deepest gratitude to our son Blaine and our daughter-in-law Ashley for coming to our home that day, finding the fire, calling 911 and minimizing our loss. If it was not for them coming to our home that day, it could have been a complete loss for us.

We also would like to thank Marcy and Bobbi for organizing donations, cooking us food, your love and support during and after the fire.

Marta for taking care of our daughter before and after school so that we could work and take care of business and your donations.

Linda for your love, support and donation during and after the fire.

Jan and Tim for your support, donation and looking after our home when we can't be there.

Thank you to all of our wonderful neighbors of Marshall Drive and the surrounding neighbors who helped us out with their love, support, caring, prayers and donations.

Thank you to all of the staff, residents, visitors and families of Lorien Mount Airy for all of your love, support, caring, prayers, words of encouragement and donations.

I know that I have forgotten someone but please know that we appreciate everyone that has helped us and supported us during this very difficult time of our lives. We greatly appreciate everyone and all that you have done for us. We have never felt so much love and support from so many people.

With all our love and gratitude.

Mary Esworthy