Republicans ready to change Maryland [Letter]

It was "a nuclear explosion," and "the worst wall-to-wall shellacking you will ever see."

That is how syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer described the elections to Fox News viewers, the still-reverberating impact of the nation's mid-term elections.


And nowhere did that nuclear explosion set off more shock waves than right here in the blindly-blue state of Maryland.

Pundits on all sides pointed out that if Maryland of all places was electing a Republican governor, then something must certainly be going on.


Well, there was plenty going on.

We showed the nation that Maryland's choice of Larry Hogan for governor is about changing Maryland's future.

It means that we as a state finally took off the blue blinders and elected a leader who believed it was more relevant to attack real problems than to just attack their opponent with made-up innuendo.

Despite being outspent six to one, Hogan's stunning election victory was a clear rejection of the policies that have caused stagnant economic growth, wasteful spending and insane taxation over the past eight years.

Those shock waves of the governor's race are also resounding in the Maryland General Assembly.

Despite Gov. Martin O'Malley's gerrymandering of legislative election districts, we picked up two new Republican state Senate seats and seven new Republican state delegate seats.

Another half dozen races were very close and could have been won with a little more time and money. We'll get them next time.

I am honored to have the privilege of representing our great county in Annapolis for four more years.

Many thanks to my family, campaign volunteers and the voters for their continued support, confidence and trust.

I also want to thank my colleagues, retiring delegates Nancy Stocksdale and Don Elliott, for their many years of service and for their wisdom, guidance and friendship. They have served Carroll County well and will be missed.

Congratulations to Del. Justin Ready on his re-election to a second term and to Del.-elect Haven Shoemaker on his election victory.

Now, with a new governor and an empowered Republican team in the legislature, we have a golden opportunity to start changing Maryland for the better.


Let's get to work.

Susan Krebs


The writer is a state delegate representing District 5.

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