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Vote GOP to help change Maryland [Letter]

As we inch our way toward Election Day, Nov. 4, I am energized more each day by the opportunity we have as Republicans to truly "Change Maryland."

Our candidate for Governor, Larry Hogan, has built a grass-roots organization and now a campaign around that slogan. I believe, as he does, that the real change we need is within reach. All we as citizens have to do is vote for it.


Over the past eight years of O'Malley/Brown, Republicans have fought tooth and nail to stem the ever-increasing tide of overspending, over-taxation and over-regulation that is bankrupting Maryland.

Trying to overcome an entrenched, Democratic power structure has been a daunting task, to say the least. But after years of fighting back with facts and common sense, we are finally getting through.


Electing a Republican Governor in November would help greatly. But the devastating exodus of Maryland citizens, businesses and jobs (over 8,000 businesses gone in the last eight years), to more tax- and business-friendly states is making our case so compelling that even the tax-and-spend Democrats are starting to take notice.

After 10 years of leading the fight to loosen the grip of Maryland's egregious death tax, and efforts to protect the Transportation Trust Fund, I and my fellow Republicans got the Democratic leadership in Annapolis to finally come to their senses. Both bills passed this year.

Carroll delegates were also successful in negotiating an alternative to the rain tax in Carroll County.

These changes will have a tremendous impact on small businesses and family farms, and will help keep Marylanders in Maryland. But we need to do more.

I will continue to work on pension relief for our retirees and holding accountable those who were responsible for the botched rollout of the Maryland Health Exchange, and the waste of $169.7 million in taxpayers' dollars.

Our children's education is one of the constitutional requirements of our state. Fighting for more local control by parents and classroom teachers to ensure a quality education has always been a top priority of mine, along with ensuring that educational funding makes it to the classroom and actual teachers, and not to building half-filled schools.

Winning tough battles like these is why I will never give up fighting for our conservative values which protect our freedoms, liberties and pocketbooks. Vote in the General Election and join us in changing Maryland.

Susan Krebs



The writer is a Republican Candidate for state Delegate representing District 5.