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District 1 candidate seeks support [Letter]

I want the people of Carroll County to know I am a Democratic candidate for District 1 County Commissioner.

I will work for all the people in Carroll County regardless of political affiliation. I was raised as a farm girl who milked cows and drove a tractor in the fields on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I am a very proud mother of six grown children. I am retired from the U.S. Navy as a civilian, as a logistician. I have been an office manager for an air and water balance company and assistant to a dean of architecture and engineering college. Since retiring, I have been active in politics.


I entered the race because I felt people living in District 1, and Carroll County haven't been served very well by the commissioners voted into office in 2010. There are many issues and problems. Carroll needs more businesses bringing jobs in the county, a continuous good school system, improved school structures, clean air and water, road improvements, a decision for waste and much more. Teachers and county employees need adequate salaries, as they are leaving our county and going to work in counties that pay better than we do.

I would like to see the commissioners communicate with the people to discuss ideas and suggestions for solutions to our problems. As a commissioner, I plan to work with the farmers, schools, organizations, businesses and our Annapolis delegation to solve problems.


Because of the 2007 recession, much has had to be left undone due to the lack of funding and higher state taxes. Since 2009, the recovery of the market has been slowly returning. The average price for clothing, food and housing has risen 15 percent over those seven years. But wages haven't kept pace with this increase.

The county commissioners elected in 2010 took an oath and promised residents basic services such as snow removal, garbage collection, repairing schools (no leaking roofs), emergency services, fewer potholes and safety protection. We cannot continue to violate the people's trust.

The people of Carroll County are our most important resources. I hope the commissioners aren't only going to take care of us as humans when it is fiscally convenient. I will do my best to look after the citizens of the county, especially District 1.

I ask for your vote on Nov. 4.

Jackie Jones


The writer is a Democratic candidate for county commissioner representing District 1.