If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and hangs out with other ducks who give it lots of money, it's a duck.

Michael Peroutka, Anne Arundel County extremist, is an odd duck who believes the war between the states has yet to end, and that the south should secede from the U.S. He whistles Dixie as our Star Spangled Banner is played.


Larry Hogan, Peroutka's own party's candidate for governor, publicly denounced Peroutka in July. Mainstream Republicans want nothing to do with Peroutka.

Then there's Richard Rothschild, Carroll County extremist who gladly accepted Peroutka's $4,000 campaign contribution after Carroll County government funded Peroutka's Christian Constitution class with taxpayer funding. The connection is crystal clear for all who wish to see. Fascinating from an ethics perspective, and guess who appoints our Ethics Commission?

Peroutka dreams the south shall rise again. Rothschild dreams of leading the secessionist movement in Western Maryland. Both are out of touch with reality and clearly are extremists, not in the mainstream like most of us. The venom, rhetoric, division, negativity and shenanigans that Rothschild has brought into our county's governance is disgraceful. What has happened to working together for the good of the county? Why is division the law of the land in Carroll? This is how things work with Rothschild leading the charge.

Many in our county have asked why Hogan has not denounced Rothschild, as he did with Peroutka. They wonder why Hogan and Rothschild signs are tethered to one another throughout District 4, along with signs of the conservative slate running for Board of Education. This slate is running with Rothschild to support his goal of slashing and burning our Carroll County Public Schools.

My fellow District 4 voters, let's work together and undo past electoral mistakes by writing in Jim Rowe, a statesman and gentleman from Union Bridge, who loves our county, who will serve all the people, and who has impressive credentials as owner of the Buttersburg Inn, a nurse and nursing instructor, a farmer and lifetime resident. Or you can vote for a duck who puts his extreme political agenda above our county public schools, public safety and public works.

Please vote wisely, or further jeopardize our property values, our public schools, and our cherished quality of life, all which have been under attack since the duck began quacking in 2010.

Michele Johnson

Mount Airy