Carroll County Times Opinion

Account for spending in education fund [Letter]

The taxpayers of Carroll County should be outraged over the use of taxpayer funds for the Education Opportunity Fund and other personal agenda items by the commissioners.

Aren't these the same socialist/Marxist policies that Commissioner Richard Rothschild regularly rants about? This fund has allocated hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for private use by residents who home school or send their children to expensive private schools. I'm bewildered as to why they call it the Education Opportunity Fund. Those who send their children to expensive private schools seem to have more opportunities than public school children.


The tragedy is that this fund siphons off much needed tax dollars for public education that could be used to promote competitive salaries for Carroll public school teachers and provide much needed school supplies and programs.

What are the specific rules for disbursing these funds? Are there specific rules governing how the funds will be spent? Can parents who send their children to expensive private schools bill the fund for the transportation costs of driving their children to school every day? How are the terms "textbook" and "learning materials" defined? Are bibles acceptable as textbooks and vacations to creationism museums acceptable as field trips?


The taxpayers of Carroll County are entitled to a full accounting by the county commissioners of how hundreds of thousands of tax dollars are being spent. County commissioners like Rothschild and Robin Frazier don't seem to understand that they work for the taxpayers of the county. We don't work for them. The county treasury is not their piggy bank to spend on personal and ideological agenda items. We have already seen how county tax dollars are wasted with bogus climate summits, boondoggle conference trips to Ocean City, padded transportation vouchers, the unnecessary hiring of political cronies and unnecessary lawsuits against the county because of stupid policy decisions, just to name a few.

Taxpayers need to know the people and organizations receiving these funds and the amounts received. Specific details must be released on what is being purchased and how the funds are being used. The income levels of individuals receiving these funds should be disclosed. Without transparency, the possibility of fraud increases exponentially, and county taxpayers can't afford to see their tax dollars wasted, misused or mishandled.

David J. Iacono