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Don't open floodgates to immigration [Letter]

It's been a long time since I wrote a letter to the editor, but the immigration project (or problem) has spurred me to write.

I have read letters in the paper from our Christian leaders and lay people quoting parts of the Bible and I feel that I must respond.


First, let me say that I am not a biblical scholar. I have read it and I have studied it for many years, but I am not a scholar.

There was a time when our country needed workers, and lots of them came. They helped a great deal to make our country great, but they came here to help, not to take. Now we find our employment picture has changed. We don't have enough work for those who are here. There certainly is not enough work for half a million more at this time.


I have looked and I cannot find any place in the Bible where God tells us to open our gates and let the world flood in. I know that much of the Bible is up for interpretation, but what I see is that in many places it says almost the opposite.

Many letters have been written quoting Jesus as saying "bring the children to me." What I wonder is, is our Christian community so pompous and self-absorbed that we feel the United States is the only place where people can find Jesus? I find many places in the Bible where Jesus said "go into the world and spread the Gospel." That tells me that we are to go there, not bring them here.

I have been in mission work for over 20 years and when I go I find Jesus there and waiting for me. He asks me to bring him back with me, not the people where I visit. I wonder how many of those writing letters have gone. How many have found, as I do, Jesus alive and well? And how many have brought him home?

Steve Hull