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Speak out against Committee's poor pick [Letter]

First my disclosure: Yes, I filed a request, received the seven-page questionnaire and submitted it on time.

No, I was not called for an interview, nor did I expect to get the nomination.


With that out of the way, how did and does the Carroll County Republican Central Committee have the audacity to recommend for Sen. Joseph Getty's Senate seat someone who has lost three elections, once by the entire county and twice by her own district?

The citizens spoke three times. Does the committee not understand what the voters want?


I can see how this happened. I had the opportunity to attend a couple of meetings this past year and could not believe how dysfunctional the Carroll County Republican Central Committee is.

As I stated, I did not expect to get the nod. There are others who are better qualified. Now, though, the Democrats are laughing and looking ahead to four years from now.

If you believe and agree as I, send your letter to Gov. Larry Hogan and ask him to reject the Republican Central Committee's nominee.

Ken Hornberger


The writer is a former member of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee and past president of the Westminster Common Council.