Carroll County Times Opinion

Morality falling quickly by the wayside [Letter]

It seems now that a person's sexual practice, solely on its own merits, is a guarantor of all legal social contracts. I am referring to the establishment of homosexual marriage and accompanying spousal entitlements that may soon become the official law of the land.

I'm not saying that homosexuals aren't entitled to the same basic legal protections that any citizen of this country has, nor am I leading any charge to eliminate them. Fact is, I suspect some acquaintances of mine are of this persuasion, but I have zero interest in confirming this or in mistreating them. My point is that based on their sexual practices alone (aren't they exactly the same as anyone except for this single trait?) they demand entitlement to all contracts that modern society offers.


Well, let's follow this to its' logical conclusion. Pedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality are also sexual practices of a small minority (fortunately for us at present). I would anticipate they should soon have an increasing number of liberal advocates for the self-same rights as homosexuals. After all, wasn't homosexuality formerly and almost universally considered abnormal/immoral behavior? Aren't these practices mentioned just another individual's sexual preference as well? Do we now have the right to judge them as before?

I suspect that the majority of us are just not enlightened enough yet. Give the liberals (sorry, insert "progressives" here) more time.


Now we do have an established National Man Boy Love Association, and perhaps many other advocates I'm not currently aware of covering this whole spectrum. Thirty years ago or so, if I had advocated/predicted legalized homosexual marriages I would have been ridiculed mightily, if not actually assaulted on the street.

But we now have famous pedophiles such as Roman Polanski feted and welcomed most everywhere by enlightened liberals outside of the U.S. We also have Woody Allen, who is celebrated right here by the same crowd despite significant evidence of pedophilia, if not rape. What I am saying is that the door has been relentlessly pushed until finally now open. What's to stop it from swinging wider and embracing just another sexual practice, then another and so on? Is morality eventually to become just a quaint notion from a repressive past?

William Hake