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Unified voice is needed [Editorial]

School officials hoping to put on a united front in order to secure more state education funding will have to hope that Sen. Joseph Getty and Del. Susan Krebs bury the hatchet and commit to working together to achieve that objective.

Carroll County Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Guthrie said the school system, county commissioners and Carroll legislators need to form a united front in the upcoming session of the General Assembly as they try and get additional funding.


The state bases its funding on a formula that takes into account enrollment, and Carroll's enrollment has been declining in recent years. At the same time, costs have continued to rise, and the state has imposed additional mandates, including shoveling some of the costs associated with teacher pensions back onto local governments.

Some school systems have found success in getting additional education dollars, but Carroll's inability to get some of that money in the last legislative session became an election issue when Getty blamed Krebs and other delegates for not getting money passed in the House that he said he got passed in the Senate. Krebs countered that the money was never going to get through the House. Chalk it up to the heated rhetoric that comes in an election season, or chalk it up to more long-standing differences between the two which have resulted in Carroll having a House delegation, a Senate delegation, but no combined delegation as we have had in the past.


Whatever the reason, Getty and Krebs will need to put their personal differences aside and work together, along with the other members of the delegation, if they expect Carroll to see any benefits from having a Republican Governor.

Budget battles are sure to take center stage when the legislature convenes in January. Getting additional money for anything will be difficult, and it won't happen if our delegation can't represent us with a singular voice pushing for a common objective.

Past battles must be put aside and our delegation must serve as a unified voice for Carroll in the legislature.