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Editorial: The Times' endorsements in today's election

A lengthy election season will come to a head today as people head out to the polls and our country chooses the next President of the United States, Maryland voters select who will replace retiring Barbara Mikulski in the U.S. Senate and Carroll voters will pick two new members of the Board of Education, among other races and ballot questions.

We hope that voters have spent some time over the past few months, weeks and days examining the positions of the various candidates at all levels, and have come to their own conclusions about who they believe is the best individual for the job before casting their ballot.


During the lead-up to early voting, the Carroll County Times endorsed several candidates for office and answers to ballot questions based on our own reporting, attendance at various forums and debates, reporting by our sister publications, and information about the candidates themselves have shared on their websites and social media. For readers who may have missed those endorsements, here they are again. For full endorsements as well as other coverage of the election, visit

U.S. Senate: Kathy Szeliga, Republican


Szeliga has avoided wading into the muck on socially divisive issues, instead focusing on job creation and small business development and taking care of our veterans. Szeliga has also pledged to work to control spending and taxes in Washington.

Congress, District 1: Andy Harris, Republican

Harris has a track record as the lone conservative voice representing Marylanders in Washington. Harris has been a friend to farmers in the historically agricultural areas he represents, pushing back against onerous regulations that limit their ability to farm their land.

Congress, District 8: Jamie Raskin, Democrat

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Raskin has shown the ability to work across the aisle in Annapolis, something he'll need to do if elected to Washington. For example, he championed the bipartisan Maryland Second Chance Act in 2015, a bill supported by Republicans Gov. Larry Hogan and Carroll Sens. Justin Ready and Michael Hough.

Carroll County Board of Education: Donna Sivigny and Julie Kingsley

Sivigny is the best and most uniquely qualified of the four candidates running for two open seats on the nonpartisan school board. Her particular skill set as an actuary for an insurance company is exactly the kind of expertise CCPS needs right now to close the $40 million-plus funding gap. Meanwhile, Kingsley's dual role as both an active public schools teacher in Howard County and a parent of children in Carroll schools means she knows what methods are effective for both her students and her own children.

Question 1, Appointments and Special Elections for Attorney General or Comptroller: For the Constitutional Amendment.


If the amendment is ratified by voters, in the case that either the AG or Comptroller must vacate office, it would be up to the state central committee of the appropriate party to submit three names from which the governor can choose the replacement. Voters would then choose the next officeholder at the next scheduled election.

Question A, Do you favor changing the law so that a voting member of the Carroll County Board of Education may not serve on the board for more than two consecutive four-year terms? For the Referred Law.

While we don't see many, if any, career politicians on the nonpartisan school board, we think keeping the faces and ideas on the board fresh is a good idea. Politicians at any level can begin to stagnate after a while.