A senior White House official said former Republican Congressman Mike Rogers is being considered as a candidate to replace FBI Director James Comey, who was fired by President Donald Trump.

Rogers briefly served on the Trump transition team and was a national security adviser to the Trump campaign. He is a former chairman of the House of Representatives intelligence committee and was an FBI agent in Chicago for five years before retiring in 1994 to begin a career in Michigan politics.


In 2013, the FBI Agents Association urged then-President Barack Obama to nominate Rogers, but Obama chose Comey instead.

The FBI is a unique agency in our government. The people I know who work or have worked for the FBI all supported Trump for president. Nevertheless they were disturbed when their director was fired. He was their guy.

This is an organization with strong internal loyalty.

Currently, the new FBI director candidate being discussed in the Senate is former Democrat and independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is popular on both sides of the aisle.

He would be acceptable to the rank and file of the FBI. But he won't have the easy acceptance and ready trust of the FBI staff that former agent Rogers would enjoy. In these troubled times, a former agent is probably the best choice. Rogers is already known to President Trump and many of his staff.

In my view, the best choice to replace Comey is former agent Rogers. But his very strong qualifications may prevent his choice. Our new president is an amateur, and prefers fellow amateurs in positions of trust. He tried to extract a statement of personal loyalty from Comey and Comey refused to make that statement. His loyalty is to the nation.

Another important issue on the Senate's plate is a replacement for Obamacare. The bill passed by the House if signed into law would cost the Republicans many seats in both houses of Congress. It was passed purely to fulfill a campaign pledge.

Every now and then, President Trump speaks the truth. Here is something he said on TV. He told Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that his nation had a wonderful health system but the United States had a terrible health system.

A study by The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation that advocates for high-quality health care, that compared the health care systems in six countries — Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States — found that "Australia ranks highest on healthy lives, scoring first or second on all of the indicators," although its overall ranking in the study was below the U.K. and Germany systems, tied with New Zealand's, above those of Canada and far above the United States.

According to "PBS Newshour," the annual per person health care cost in our country has peaked at $10,345. In Australia, according to the Peterson Foundation, it was $4,177 in 2016 and $9,024 in the same time period in our country. The World Health Organization reports similar numbers.

When the Senate studies the bill that will ultimately replace Obamacare, they could do well if they study the health care systems of Australia and of the other nations in the comparative study.

Half the cost, excellent results, what's not to like?

John Culleton writes this column every other Tuesday. His email address is cct@wexfordpress.com.