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Coupon Corner: Tips for avoiding wrinkles in clothing when traveling

Looking neat can be a problem when traveling because clothes, when packed for many hours, or even days, can wrinkle badly.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser works very well and travel sizes, which may be refilled, can be found in many stores.


The only problem with spraying your wrinkles away is that you have to allow time for the clothes to dry.

However, it's better to prevent a problem rather than spend time correcting one.


I have adopted a method of packing clothes that may seem a little haphazard, but it not only helps prevent wrinkles, it also saves time.

Many of my clothes are covered with thin plastic bags. Unless I'm flying, I simply fold the bag-covered garment on the hanger and place it in the suitcase. (When flying, I eliminate the hangers to save weight.)

This makes unpacking a snap and also eliminates the problem of never having enough hangers for all your clothes.

If you don't have enough long clothes bags, use the softer type plastic grocery bags (not the stiffer, heavier type) between each fold. They work well but don't add any significant weight.

Another use for plastic bags, whether traveling or at home, is as an inexpensive replacement for bubble wrap.

Simply wrap an item several times in plastic bags, then scrunch-up more bags to surround the item when placed in a container.

Dollar Tree

I found some telescoping fly swatters in southern Dollar Tree stores and they're selling like hot cakes, so watch for them.


They are available in several colors and have four telescoping sections that make these fly swatters much longer than others, so you can easily swat an insect on most ceilings.

Karen Silverman lives in Eldersburg and can be reached at