This is in response to the "embarrassed and disgusted" people who criticized our county commissioners for not warehousing Central American children in Westminster.

They called our commissioners hateful, accused them of battling innocent children and blamed them for exacerbating the "humanitarian crisis" in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. These misguided souls are upset because the commissioners did not plan Obama's game. They did what was best for the country. Warehousing children does not resolve the crisis.


In order to correctly place the blame for this crisis, you must identify the cause and blame the people that created the situation, not the people reacting to it.

Obama's dysfunctional immigration policies caused the crisis, so blame Obama and the people who voted for him, not the commissioners. The influx of illegal children coming into this country is the direct result of Obama's failed policy to secure the border. Obama's failed policy of not enforcing existing immigration laws and Obama's failed policy of giving amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants, mostly children, which sent a clear message to come on over without interference.

These failed policies caused an illegal immigration crisis which is causing a humanitarian crisis. The Obama administration won't admit this, so they, and their tax-exempt, liberal, special interest buddies with support from the ACLU divert attention from the real problem of Obama's failed policies to the children. Obama is using these children as pawns to advance his political agenda, not our commissioners.

For years the governors of Texas and Arizona pleaded with Obama to secure the border. They warned of a humanitarian crisis and many other problems. But Obama ignored the governors and took Arizona to court for violating civil rights.

Gen. John Kelly, charged with securing the border, said in addition to children "tons of drugs, weapons, contraband, gangs and other illegals" constantly cross the border. He stated he can't touch 74 percent of what goes by because of a lack of resources. And it is getting worse because Obama tasked him to take people off the border to perform paperwork to process the children. Diverting resources from the border to process children leaves fewer resources to secure the boarder, which increases the number of people coming across, which requires more paperwork, which suffocates the courts and on and on.

Who is really playing hypocritical political games?

Carl Burdette