A front page headline in another local paper last Sunday read "Bill Clinton offers rewards, and risks, to wife's campaign." Wow! Talk about an understatement. The most recent faux pas would, of course, be the so-called innocent and unplanned meeting of former President Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. For the uninformed, Lynch's FBI was at the time investigating Hillary Clinton. That is not "a vast right wing conspiracy." The investigation was being headed by Obama's attorney general. She's a left winger.

The story is that Bill Clinton accidentally ran into Lynch on the tarmac at an airport. He got on her plane and they chatted privately for about a half hour. Lynch says they talked about grandkids and social stuff. Hillary sees no problem with the "impromptu" meeting.


Here's the real deal. We are talking about a former U.S. president, the current U.S. attorney general, and a former secretary of state and U.S. senator. These are high caliber people — powerful, important people. Allegedly, they are some of the best minds in the country. Remember? Hillary has been called the smartest woman in the world. The question is, have any of these individuals ever heard about avoiding even the appearance of impropriety?

Even as a midlevel manager in the '70s, this was pounded into my brain regularly. How could these three individuals not have a major problem with that meeting? Lynch, if Bill's visit to her plane was truly unplanned, should have ran from the plane screaming. Alternatively, Bill should not even have contemplated such a visit. Hillary, as the smartest woman, should have condemned her husband's stupidity — of course, she had another chance to do that years ago when she also failed. Remember? He wagged his finger in the face of all America and told us the big lie? Folks, if I may borrow from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

Once again, I'm forced to ponder, is it possible that lying is a Clinton trait? It is widely acknowledged that she has lied regarding the email deal. She lied about being shot at after arriving at that airport in Bosnia years ago, so "misremembering" things is nothing new to either of them. Do you think Clinton went to Lynch's plane for a social chat?

Maybe the problem with veracity is not just a Clinton trait. Perhaps it's in the ideology. I'm recalling when, not so long ago, not one but two separate senior IRS officials when called to testify both invoked the Fifth Amendment. They refused to testify on the grounds that their own words might incriminate them. In case you missed it, those senior managers were Lois Lerner and Greg Roseman.

President Obama uttered perhaps the biggest whopper I've ever heard. He said of Hillary, "I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office." On NBC News at 6:36 p.m. July 5, Obama put an exclamation point on that. He said, "There has never been anyone, man or woman, more qualified for this office." Really? Unbelievable! This after the FBI director declares that her judgment is faulty. It's obvious that Obama wasn't a history major, but yet the fact that his brain actually formed those words is astounding. Certain ideologies believe that if a lie is repeated often enough, it will be believed — and so it goes.

But that wasn't Obama's first was it? Among others, he promised us the most transparent administration ever, but his people take the Fifth, and you can keep your doctor.

My conclusion about those who are buying what these people are selling? They are either naive, or they suffer from the affliction that comedian Ron White said can't be fixed. As for those trying to sell the story, either they are stupid or they're convinced we are. Clearly, they are convinced that they can sell any story — however feeble. By the way, Bill Clinton and Lynch go way back. Did you know that? He nominated her to be the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York way back in 1999. Chance meeting? Ya think?

You be the judge. Can you doubt that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark?"

It has long been generally accepted that the adage "Where there's smoke, there's fire" is a reasonably valid concept. The Obama administration has been smoldering for eight years. The Clintons have smoldered since they were in Arkansas. Arkansans called him Slick Willie long before he got to Washington. Can't you smell it?

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. Reach him at rpblatch4d@comcast.net.