Maryland Dems at it again with more gun laws

Maryland, my Maryland … there they go again. The Democrats in the General Assembly are coming back with even more gun laws. In 2013, they connived to pass some of the strictest laws in the country with little to show for it. In 2013, Baltimore City listed 235 homicides. In 2015, Baltimore accumulated a whopping 344 homicides. The 2013 laws are not working. What is the Democrat response? Pass more laws. It has been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 'Nuff said. If you don't get it, think a bit longer.

What initially prompted this thought process was a recent action of our General Assembly, and the Democrat's machine. They managed to override by the slimmest of margins (and with one Democrat voting twice by the way) Gov. Larry Hogan's justified veto of their bill to allow paroled felons to vote. For the record, folks, parolees (felons or not) have not completed their original sentences and they are subject (dependent upon their post-parole behavior) to re-incarceration for their original crime. But the point is that Democrats want felons to vote. Felons like guns. Maryland, my Maryland.


These same Democrats championed former Gov. Martin O'Malley's overly aggressive, and illogical, gun control legislation. Admittedly, there is some gun safety legislation that I do not oppose, but our General Assembly and former governor contrived the banning process stupidly. A rifle could be banned solely because it had a pistol grip. Case in point: There are two rifles that are identical in every way except that one has a pistol grip and one does not. With the pistol grip, it's illegal. Remove it and — voila! — it's legal. That's the faulty logic exhibited by the anti-gun crowd. Who knew that pistol grips are dangerous? That's my Maryland.

Now there's new legislation seeking to ban guns on Maryland college campuses. Will this make campuses safer or will they be safer targets for evildoers? Anyone wishing to create mayhem and encounter minimum resistance may well target Maryland campuses.

It is fully comprehensible that campuses will have many people who are unfamiliar with guns or may have an aversion to them. Certainly, no one would want to encourage such people to have guns. There are, however, others who harbor no such aversions or objections. There are students who have been responsible hunters for years. Military veterans also inhabit college campuses. Many such veterans are totally familiar with firearms and capable of using them to protect fellow students. To create a total ban is simply creating a target rich environment for those who would do evil.

On Feb. 11, the Carroll County Times reported that Richard Madaleno, a Montgomery County Democrat, said, "We need to dispel this Hollywood-driven myth that any of us can turn into James Bond and respond to some sort of incident." How's that for a leftist attempt to discourage the act of self-defense? Madaleno implies that people protecting others is a "Hollywood-driven myth." Self-preservation and/or protecting the safety of others aren't illusions. I'm compelled to wonder what he thinks compels police and firemen to do their jobs. Madaleno completely doesn't get it.

And if you missed it, Chris Van Hollen, who wants to replace Barbara Mikulski in the U.S. Senate, wants to hold gun manufacturers responsible for crimes committed with guns. Last Sunday, on a WBAL-TV interview, he likened gun manufacturers' liability (for crimes committed) to that of car manufacturers being responsible for injuries caused by defective automobile — even though there is no defect in the firearm. Van Hollen and other Democrats want to hold manufacturers of a legal product responsible for the illegal acts of unrelated third parties. Van Hollen's analogy comparing gun and car manufacturers is seriously flawed.

This is becoming a cliche, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Liberal Democrats seek to add more laws onto the myriad of existing gun laws. These new ones, they cry, will be the answer. Once again, I shout to our unhearing legislators … Balderdash!

I expect that, soon, Maryland's anti-gun legislation will contain more pages than the IRS tax code. Maryland, my Maryland.

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. Email him at rpblatch4d@comcast.net.