I am disappointed that the Carroll County site investigated as a shelter for immigrating children was dismissed as unsuitable.


Though I'm sure federal officials had good reasons for their ruling, what saddened me the most were some of the general reactions that I heard both in the news and social media while the decision was still being made.

No matter how many decades you go back, I, along with the majority of Americans, am a descendent of immigrants. Immigration has always been a major topic of our politics. People who already populated the country didn't want to let in the Chinese, Irish, Jewish, Catholics, Polish; you name it, there has been resistance.

What's different now is we can look back at history and realize all that was beneficial about immigration. New people bring more energy and opportunity, and a chance to broaden our horizons and rejuvenate our situation. Time and again it has been proven that immigrants do not drain the economy, they invigorate it with their drive and dedication. Why shouldn't we welcome the aspiring children of different countries? If they acclimate themselves to our laws, there is no reason why they shouldn't be given the chance that is offered to every other child in America.

We've been too cut off from the issues in the world for too long simply because we focus on ourselves. So much of the world is in trouble, and our country is far better off than most. We are fortunate enough to be in a position where we can help. These immigrating children deserve a chance, and Carroll could most certainly use the culture shock.

Immigrants, legal or otherwise, are human beings. They want what I, and other Americans, want: the opportunity to improve their lives. Or better yet, the improvement of the lives of their children. Imagine if the United States was a war-torn country riddled with thriving drug trades and constant gang violence. How many of us would stop at nothing to get our children out of there? Child refugees deserve nothing but compassion and understanding.

I cannot fathom why anyone would want to send them back to the nightmares from which they escaped. Times may be tough in the U.S., but I believe that we are up to the challenge. Now is the time to prove just how brave we can be.

Cathleen Anthony

New Windsor