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Planning for Westminster's future [Letter]


The Westminster City elections will take place on May 12 and as city residents head to the polls the election should focus on issues that will help plan for Westminster's future. There are three long-term issues that will assist the city in meeting growth throughout the next several years.


The first issue is the continuation of the Fiber Optic Project, which is in the process of undergoing two successful pilot projects, one at Carroll Lutheran Village and the other at the Airport Industrial Complex. This project will result in Maryland's first Gigabit fiber network and put Westminster on the map as a destination for private and public endeavors.

The second project is to manage our water supply in a sustainable fashion for both our water security and future generations. Water is America's most valuable natural resource. Water scarcity affects every continent, and while we are currently in a situation of increasing the capacity of our water system, we cannot afford to waste this precious commodity. The water budget for the City of Westminster is just as important as the monetary budget we plan for each year.


The third issue is a focus on the city events. Westminster is hosting a variety of downtown events this year. The Wine Stroll was a great success, the Flower and Jazz Festival draws in crowds each year, the Celtic Canter, Electric Holiday Parade, events at the Carroll County Arts Center, these are all downtown events that showcase what Westminster has to offer to residents and visitors. Improvements in the downtown area are vital to moving the city forward. In addition, the city is working on an agreement with the owner of the former Wakefield Valley Golf Course to obtain about two-thirds of the property, creating a large green space within the city. This will ultimately be a great asset to city residents as planning moves forward.

Let's move together, focused on the issues that will continue to move Westminster forward, building a community and a future for the next generation of Westminster residents. On May 12, vote Mona Becker for Westminster City Council.

Mona Becker

The author is a candidate for Westminster Common Council.