This is in response to Frank Batavick's article "Blame to go around in Baltimore." Frank said "the conservative media blaming the fatherless sons, welfare mothers and ineffective civil rights leaders is a tactics of the blind." According to Frank the true cause for the Baltimore riots are the multinational corporations and other big businesses, followed by the military-industrial-congressional complex, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the greedy teachers union, the nation's misguided drug policy, brutal police tactics, slum landlords, white people, corrupt politicians, deep-rooted racism and slavery.


Frank left out the Russians, but guess you could include them with the military? Frank also left out the results of numerous reports and studies that clearly identifies the disintegrating family and community structures as the problem in the inner cities.

Fifty years ago the Moynihan Report was published. It was commissioned by Lyndon Johnson in 1965 and named for its author, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a liberal democrat at the Labor Department who later become a U.S. Senator. The conclusion of the report was that both riots and poverty were the results of the disintegrating families and community moral structures in the inner cities. The high rates of nonmarital births and children raised in households headed by a single woman is the fundamental source of the weakness of the black community.

The report was dismissed by the liberal politicians and self-appointed Civil Rights leaders as an example of stereotyping black families, cultural bias and racism. The report was condemned by the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others because it clearly exposed their misguided leadership of blaming racism and bigotry and demanding massive increase in government welfare programs.

Bill Clinton realized many inner city problems (endemic dependency, crime and out-of-wedlock births) were made worse by these people and the liberal government programs they initiated. So, 30 years and hundreds of billions of dollars after the Moynihan report, he signed a welfare reform bill.

In 2009, Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institute stated the chief challenge to prosperity is the disproportionate share of black children living in single-parent homes. "We have scores of studies that show kids that grow up in single-women-headed families don't fare as well, are more likely to do poorly in school, to drop out of school, to be arrested, to become single parents themselves."

So, who is really blind?

Carl Burdette