As seemingly endless bad news from Iraq assaults us, I can't help but wonder when this mess will come to an end.


Like many, I thought it was a good thing back in 2003 when we rid that country of the tyrant, Saddam Hussein as well as his two sons. Yet here we are 12 years and many American dead and maimed later, facing a situation that has gotten worse. I watch TV spots as a young wife thanks others for helping to care for her wounded warrior, and I can't help but wonder if the sacrifice is worth it.

It's selfish, I guess, but I find that I only care about American suffering and heartache. I will let those from other countries care about their own.

I thought President George Bush to be a good man, but a naive one. He thought he could make a democracy out of a country that had never had one. There are many who hate Bush and say he was only after oil. But if that be the case, why do they get so furious at we who think we should pump our own oil from our own land?

It seems the main problem in Iraq comes about because of two groups: Shiites and Sunnis. Both Muslim, they make up 95 percent of the population and seem to prefer to fight one another rather than for Iraq. Throw into this mix the ISIS group, and you have disaster.

President Barack Obama can't or won't deal with the situation. Then we have other experts whose only answer is more "boots on the ground." That's OK, I guess as long as it's not their boots.

Sadly, I suppose I know what's going to happen. When thousands more of our young men — as well as our young women now — come home in wheelchairs or boxes, someone will decide it's all a lost cause and we will finally leave Iraq. And Sunnis and Shiites will go back to killing each other.

Don Haines