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Letter: Fact and fiction in campaigns

Jim Lee's June 1 opinion column noted that candidates were not telling the truth in their campaign rhetoric. Here are the facts and fiction.

Fact: The Carroll County House Delegation reached an agreement with the environmental community concerning the rain tax, and we have an Attorney General's opinion verifying that agreement. No additional tax will be levied in Carroll County as our commissioners have adequately planned to fulfill the mandates without a new tax.

Fact: Sen. Joe Getty did not spearhead a plan to exempt Carroll County as he said. At the 11th hour, he introduced a budget amendment which has been declared unconstitutional by the Attorney General. Getty did nothing. Getty

actually voted for the rain tax in 2011.

Fact: All delegates (including Justin Ready) voted against Gov. Martin O'Malley's budget. Getty voted for O'Malley's budget. The budget increased by $2 billion over last year using the 74 tax and fee increases levied by the governor. Senators Getty and David Brinkley supported legislation to shift teachers' pension obligations to our counties, putting a $6 million burden on Carroll's finances.

Fiction: There was additional money in the budget for education when it was voted on in the House, Getty, and candidates Joshua Stonko and Carmen Amedori claim. This is false.

Fact: Delegates Susan Krebs and Don Elliott had professional careers before becoming delegates. Elliott served in the United States Navy, graduated from pharmacist school and had his own business before he entered the service of the legislature. He is well respected by all members and was given the Charles McMathias Award for the Republican who worked best with the Democrats to get legislation passed.

Krebs is an accountant and has worked as an advisor to both small and large business, and served on the Carroll County Board of Education before serving in the legislature. They both bring knowledge of the real world and business experience to Annapolis. They are honest, ethical and effective members of the legislature.

Fact: While Elliott, Krebs, and Ready are true to their conservative values, the Getty team is Stonko, a 21-year-old college drop-out, and Amedori, who has quit everything she started and been disconnected from Carroll County for over a decade.

Nancy R. Stocksdale


The writer is a member of the state House of Delegates representing District 5A.