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Letter: Candidate seeks District 2 support

Don't the people of Carroll County deserve better? I think so.

One of the primary functions as county commissioner is to develop and work on Carroll County's budget and not waste/overspend the taxpayers' money. So the way a candidate runs their campaign is a reflection of how they will do their job as county commissioner.

Opponents have run their campaigns into financial deficits with huge debts that they owe because they have not used their campaign money wisely. Since they have run their campaigns into financial debt, it scares me that they would do the same if they were elected, not use the taxpayers' money wisely and run the county's budget into a deficit.

Carroll County does not need debt. That is not good management of money. I urge the people of Carroll County to look with their own eyes about this issue by going to the Maryland Board of Elections website for the campaign finance reports.

The Niner for Commissioner campaign has never created any outstanding debt, as I know how to properly manage money on a budget. I live on a budget daily in my personal life and my campaign also runs on a budget. I know not to spend beyond the means by managing money efficiently and effectively.

As county commissioner I will safeguard the taxpayers' money. I will ensure there is a true balanced budget and not create debt for the county while working to reduce taxes so people have more of their hard earned money in their pockets.

People know that I am true to my word and the most qualified candidate for county commissioner in District 2 who has the energy, work ethic and the heart to serve the community. That's why many small businesses, farmers and citizens support me to get the work done for the people. This is reinforced by the endorsements of former Sen. Larry Haines, former Del. Tanya Shewell, Ravens Equipment Manager Ed Carroll, Protect Marriage Maryland, and others.

I will fight for the people and work on the issues for lower taxes, Second Amendment gun rights, small business solutions, education issues and for our family farms.

I would like to ask the people for their vote on election day and let's get on track with Niner for commissioner in District 2.

William Niner


The writer is a candidate for county commissioner representing District 2.