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Sprinkle: 'Relevant and specific detail' about the Democratic presidential challengers

It’s getting old, and frankly, it’s degenerated from irritating into one colossal yawn. We’ve seen everything from hysterical sobbing to primordial screaming to frenzied rants dancing on the brink of psychosis. It’s like dealing with a spoiled brat.

Alert! We no longer care. You’ll either get over the results of the 2016 election or you won’t; 2020 is around the corner. So dim the lights; cue the music. Let the circus begin.


President Trump’s critics use the spaghetti approach to criticism; throw as much as you can against the wall and hope something sticks. According to his critics, Trump is corrupt, unethical, immoral, bigoted, cruel, greedy, ignorant, homophobic, stupid, sexist, tyrannical, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, a hate monger (and he probably kicks puppies).

We see accusations, but we fail to see factual examples — what English instructors refer to as “relevant and specific detail.” So here’s some (and I stress some) “relevant and specific detail” about the 20-plus clowns in the Democratic circus who are currently seeking to unseat Trump. Many of them fall into several “baskets,” but space permits only so much detail.


The Socialists. Let the government control everything because you, the citizen, are too stupid to run your own life. The government will take over the supply and distribution of goods; everybody gets a “fair share.” When Democrats talk about socialism, it sounds like paradise. So why isn’t it working in Venezuela? Because the socialist paradise always comes complete with the socialist serpent.

The Compassionate Ones. Let’s give everybody free stuff — health care, education, Andrew Yang even wants to give us $1,000 a month — for free! Let’s give everybody a living wage, even if they don’t want to work. Cost? When you finally do get an answer, it always involves raising taxes or some drivel that usually includes, “We can’t afford not to.”

The Abortionists. Our prayers, little ones. If you end up in the wrong womb, you will not survive. Although they abhor capital punishment for those guilty of horrific crimes, not one of them will step up to protect you in your innocence from execution. Are you listening, Joe Biden?

The Green New Dealers. Kiss your steaks and hamburgers goodbye, and get yourself a pair of good walking shoes before your taxes go so high you can’t afford either shoes for your feet or gas for your car. You’ve got 10 years. Maybe. According to a six-page document released by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office dated Feb. 7, 2019 (that has since been pulled from her website because of its blatant idiocy), she wants to “put the nuts and bolts on the plan … so someone else can’t claim this mantle.” (page 1) (As though anyone with a brain would want to.) Her plan includes (but is not limited to) the elimination of all fossil fuels, retrofitting “every building in America,” and planting “lots of trees.” But, here’s the scary part: “Nearly every major Democratic Presidential contender say [sic] they back the Green New Deal including: Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Jeff Merkeley, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Jay Inslee.” (page 2) When they polished this masterpiece, however, and sent it for a vote, they got no takers. Apparently pasture breezes were blowing in the opposite direction that day.

The Reverse Trumpers. This cadre of clowns is so bent on eliminating everything Trump, their mouths work faster than their brains. Out of the gate, China-is-no-threat Biden announced he will reverse Trump’s tax cut (a bad idea). Reported by Fox on May 6, Biden said that Maggie Thatcher (who died in 2013) was among the world leaders who had called him and expressed some concerns about Trump (mixing her up with Prime Minister Theresa May). And Biden is not alone. On April 4, Rep. Tim Ryan pronounced his royal decree on The View, “... the progressive agenda is what’s best for working families.”

Attention, fellow proletarians. The intelligentsia has spoken! And here they are — jokesters cavorting in all three rings — the tip of the Big Top in all of their hyperbolic bluster, ruffles and flourishes of panacean (albeit dubious) proposals, and big-government buffoonery.

I’m left with just one question for the 2016 weepers who support this circus. When the news breaks late on Tuesday, Nov. 3, or early Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020 —
Trump Re-elected” — what are you planning for an encore?