Zirpoli: For too many, concern for the unborn ends at birth

Ever wonder why so many of the same people who call themselves “pro-life” don’t seem to support life after birth? Thanks to President Donald Trump’s Justice Department and their attorney, Sarah Fabian, I think we now know why: the unborn don’t require toothbrushes, soap, and beds. Fabian let the cat out of the bag when she argued in court that children don’t need these and other essentials. Needless to say, the three-judge panel was flabbergasted.

According to multiple media sources, over 250 children were kept in deplorable conditions at the Casa Padre Boarder Control facility in Brownsville, Texas, a government immigration facility. Federal law requires that the shelters maintain a “safe and sanitized” environment. According to the Huffington Post, inspectors found that “detained children were wearing filthy clothes, sleeping on concrete floors and had little to eat.” They found that young children did not have adequate supervision and that the facility provided no soap or toothbrushes for the children. The inspectors also reported that toddlers did not have diapers, that some children were drinking toilet water for hydration and were given frozen food to eat.


After the situation hit the news, the children were removed from the facility on June 24. But 100 of them were returned the following day.

It has been reported that the problems at the Casa Padre facility are common in other facilities run by the Trump administration. Hope Frye, a human rights lawyer, visited a facility in McAllen, Texas. Her group found a premature, unresponsive baby wrapped in a dirty towel.

Many of the children had the flu, were sleeping on the concrete floor and did not have adequate food. She found five children that needed to be taken to the hospital for emergency care. Frye described the conditions as a “deliberate, systemic disregard for human life.”

So where are the pro-life folks when you need them? According to NBC news, seven children have died at these facilities since last year.

The unborn don’t need all this care, you see. Once they are born, however, kids become needy and quite a burden. And that’s when many pro-lifers lose interest. You don’t need to feed the unborn, and you don’t need to buy them toothbrushes or soap. They don’t even need a bed.

As long as someone else is carrying them, pro-lifers can be very generous when it comes to their concern for the unborn. It costs them nothing and they don’t need to do anything except write “pro-life” on their campaign materials. Once children are born, however, they need food and a place to sleep. Sometimes, they need medicine. All of this costs money. Protecting the life of the unborn is far cheaper and easier than caring for them after they are born.

The unborn don’t need schools and teachers. Once the babies are born, however, they require education and possibly after-school care.

Some actually want to go to college. In other words, they become demanding and expensive.


Their teachers want books and other educational materials, demand that the leaky roofs be fixed, and ask for air conditioning.

Conservatives would rather invest in yet another $20 billion in carriers for the Navy, than 1,000 new schools for our nation’s children. After all, kids don’t vote and schools don’t contribute to political parties like the military industrial complex.

The unborn don’t require health care. Mom does, of course, in order for her baby to develop appropriately. Prenatal vitamins and doctor visits cost money. But many so-called pro-lifers don’t make the connection between the life of the unborn and the health care needed by the mother carrying the child. They profess to be for the first while actively denying quality health care for the second. Universal prenatal care for women? Sounds like socialism to them.

Human rights advocates for children — the real pro-lifers in this story — are going to court to protect the lives of the children living in these facilities. But where were the right to life folks? Their savior, Trump, was represented in court by Fabian who argued that the children did not need toothbrushes, soap, or beds in order for their conditions to be deemed “safe and sanitary.” One of the judges, U.S. Circuit Judge Marsha Berzon wondered if Fabian was really “going to stand up and tell us” that these issues were not a “question of safe and sanitary conditions” for the children?

Sadly, she did. People who work for Trump really do have to sell their souls.

It seems that protecting the lives of children outside of the womb is too much trouble for some pro-lifers. The unborn are less trouble.


You don’t have to write a check, volunteer, or anything.

They can just pretend to care.