The Mueller investigation found that President Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia to steal the presidency in 2016. The fallout over that report has much to say about America’s cultural climate that both transcends and undermines the political landscape. On the part of some, this is intentional.

For essentially two years, so many on the Left, and some on the Right, insisted that then-candidate Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to somehow steal or influence the election and to cover it all up.


Never mind that the evidence for this was suspect at best, given the political origins of it (as an example, the “Steele Dossier”). Never mind the fact that farmers, steelworkers, and working class people committed to Trump, who celebrated them and sought to understand them, while Hillary Clinton and many liberals dismissed them as irredeemable “deplorables.” Never mind the fact that Republicans were routinely accused of living in the past by believing Russia posed a threat to the United States — until, that is, Trump won.

The Mueller investigation was then called for and heralded by the Left as a beacon of truth for American freedom and rooting out Russian conspiratorial corruption among the members of the Trump White House. The ghostly, Nixonian image of Watergate was conjured by Never-Trumpers and the Left, believing this to be the ultimate trump card that could undo a presidency they never believed was legitimate to begin with.

But then something strange happened. Ruminations that the Mueller investigation might be winding down without any major findings began to enter into political discourse. Suddenly, many Democrats were asserting that the results of the investigation would ultimately be irrelevant to their goal of impeaching the president for something, for anything.

This, of course, tipped their hand and provided conservatives the hard evidence for what they had known all along — that “Russian collusion” was a fabricated facade for an ulterior goal.

The majority of the Left was never going to consent to a 2016 Republican presidential victory, especially one that put Donald Trump among all others into the White House. (Note that, at present, these same Leftists are calling for the dismantling of the electoral college rather than reaching out to the “deplorable” voters they disenchanted and disparaged in the first place.)

The summary of the final report from the Mueller investigation effectively exonerates the president and his campaign, even if it does not specifically say it in those words. Still, “no evidence of collusion” must count for something.

But for many on the Left, it does not. Those Democrats are vowing to continue on in the investigation. Many are refusing to accept the final report whether or not they see the entire thing, or are spinning it as proof that collusion could have happened but was simply not uncovered despite thousands of subpoenas and hundreds of search warrants. Others doubt the accuracy of the summary of the report, but cannot answer why a summary of a document within arm’s reach of the public should lie about the document itself, especially with any number of investigation members who could contradict the summary. And yet others are shifting the narrative from one of collusion to one of obstruction — even as Attorney General Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein say there is not enough evidence to move forward on this, either.

And then there are those who are, quite literally, upset that nothing was found. All Americans should be cheering that there was no such collusion, but there are some who are distraught, and all for political reasons.

All of this directly contradicts everything they have told the American people since the investigation began. One can disagree with the president’s style, character, and policies. But when a narrative unwinds as hollow, a concession must be made for the good of the country.

The American way, and American institutions, have long been held sacred even if some entrusted with their care and stewardship have not always been worthy of their exercise. Our Founders were very careful in the construction of that apparatus for a variety of reasons, recognizing that imperfect people would be wielding it. That is why, despite our worst choices and behaviors, that apparatus has almost wholly survived as intended for so long.

If trust in American institutions continues to be undermined through personal agendas and politicization, the restraints against our worst excesses and the bulwarks of our stability will be dismantled (such as the crucial electoral college).

In that respect, those Democrats cannot ascribe trust to an institutional, investigatory body, only then to reject the outcome and question the investigation. Why, then, should anyone ever trust an investigation or one of our institutional bodies again? What happens when actual crimes exist? We are meant to determine culpability based on guilt or innocence, not party or personal preference and desire.

Questioning human motives is one thing, but declaring an entire structure obsolete or corrupt because of a few people, or because we don’t like the result, is dangerous. If we pledge trust, we have to honor that trust. If we make mistakes, we have to apologize for them.

But that excludes accountability or apology on the part of some on the Left because their goal is not American restoration. As candidate Barack Obama said, in the late autumn of 2008, fundamental transformation of the United States was the goal. That race toward the Left is still on.


Expect more hearings, investigations, and accusations. And remain ready to speak out in defense not only of the innocent, but America.