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Tomlinson: Proposed bills show Maryland Democrats out for revenge

This past Valentine’s Day, Cupid strung his bow and let his arrow fly, stoking the fire of desire in many aspiring Romeos and Juliets. Although Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love, is best known for using his archery skills to spread affection and attraction, myth has it that his mother, the goddess Venus, once sent him on a revenge mission. The myth of Cupid and Psyche tells the tale of a jealous Venus sending her son Cupid to induce a beautiful mortal princess, Psyche, to fall in love with a monster. Likewise, a very real act of revenge was carried out on St. Valentine’s Day in Chicago in 1929, when gangsters, linked to crime boss Al Capone, dressed as police officers and murdered seven members of the North Side Gang in a Lincoln Park garage.

A review of the bills introduced by Democratic legislators in Annapolis this Session suggests that their party is not out to spread love and affection, but are on a mission of revenge. It is evident that the Democrats are looking for retribution for not only losing the Presidential race in 2016, but for also losing the 2018 Governor’s race in our very blue state. Unfortunately, many of these bills are more dangerous and deadlier than any of Cupid’s arrows. Marylanders need to know about some of the harmful legislation the Democrats are pushing to pass into law.


Four bills submitted in Annapolis look to turn the Old Line State into a de facto sanctuary state. Senate Bill 817/House Bill 913 would prohibit correctional facility employees from notifying federal immigration authorities about an individual’s “release date, location or address for immigration enforcement purposes.” Further, these two bills would also prevent the police from asking about an individual’s immigration or citizenship status during a stop, search or arrest. Two other bills, SB718/HB1165 take it one step further. These bills will actually make it illegal for the majority of non-federal government employees in Maryland, state or local, including employees of juvenile services, human services, public colleges and even public schools, to ask anyone or his family or acquaintances about his immigration or citizenship status. These bills are clearly designed to kick dirt into the eyes of President Trump, who has made illegal immigration one of his top priorities.

Rather than admit that there is a real problem in America with illegal immigration, Democratic state delegates and senators in Maryland want to make it impossible to identify illegals and make Maryland a magnet for illegal immigrants, including members of the murderous MS-13 gang whose main occupation is to sell drugs and engage in the human trafficking of minors.


For fans of the Baltimore-centered television drama, “The Wire,” SB135/HB139 may remind them of “Hamsterdam” — a violence-free zone the city police established to allow drug abusers to use illegal drugs freely. These bills will give community-based organizations permission to set up supervised “Bring-Your-Own-Drugs” locations where drug addicts can shoot up. The bill states that the organizations will, “provide sterile injection supplies, [and] collect used hypodermic needles and syringes.” In the first nine months of 2018, 1,648 Marylanders suffered opioid-related deaths. Yet some state legislators are actually attempting to make abusing heroin and fentanyl easier. If passed, these bills would make Maryland the first state to open a supervised injection facility in the United States, despite the fact that U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made it clear in 2018 that states opening such facilities would face federal legal action. Maryland is facing a horrible opioid epidemic, but this is not the solution to solve the problem.

A handful of bills have been dropped in the hopper by the left wing of the General Assembly that will foster fraud in elections in Maryland. SB449 will allow anyone with a pulse to register to vote without providing any proof of citizenship on election day. SB385 will create open primaries in Maryland, allowing unaffiliated voters to cast ballots in either primary — Republican or Democrat. HB286 will allow an individual to register to vote or make changes to his voter registration on election day at his local polling place. In addition, this bill will create an unfunded mandate on local government that the Department of Legislative Services estimates will cost each county $2 million annually. Voting keeps the foundation of the United States standing, but Annapolis Democrats want to tear it down by introducing these terrible bills.

If there are any bills that prove that Maryland Democrats are still chewing on some sour grapes left over from the 2018 Gubernatorial race, look no farther than SB128/HB437. In the summer of 2016, Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order mandating Maryland public schools to start school after Labor Day beginning in 2017. Since Gov. Hogan’s executive order has gone into effect, families have had more time to enjoy summer, seasonal employees have taken home extra income, and the state’s economic climate has improved, especially in our tourist towns. Everyone was happy with the change — except Democrats in Annapolis still pouting after witnessing the second Republican in the State’s entire history be re-elected to a second term as governor. Democrats have cried that as a result of the executive order, local school systems have struggled to create adequate academic calendars, and that by extending the summer break, students’ brains are suffering without the constant learning. One bleeding-heart liberal writer for The Baltimore Sun went so far as to blame Gov. Hogan’s change to the school start date for her daughter breaking her collarbone at a YMCA camp this past summer.

On Feb. 12, the Senate approved SB128 which returns the determination of the start and end dates for the school year back to the local boards of education. Republican Minority Whip, Del. Kathy Szeliga, recently told me, "Parents, teachers and kids overwhelmingly want school to start after Labor Day. Unfortunately, the Maryland teacher's union, with their special interest money and influence, has flexed their muscles and pressured politicians to override the will of the people.” One hopes the House of Delegates sees through this partisan charade and votes this measure down.

The Democrats in Annapolis seem to be taking a page from Al Capone when it comes to celebrating St. Valentine’s Day — they are lining up common sense and the will of the people against the wall and using bills rather than Tommy guns to massacre them.