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Tomlinson: Electing Dems in Carroll would be real horror movie

This month, the 11th installment in the “Halloween” film series hit theaters. Once again, moviegoers were terrified as Michael Myers raised hell and committed dreadful acts. Unfortunately for Marylanders, it is not Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger they should fear. The real horror that faces Carroll County and especially our state, is the world we could wake up in, if the Democrats win our local elections on Nov. 6.

For most of our county races, the Democratic party has not put up candidates to challenge the Republican nominees. However, in the District 5 House of Delegates race, a Democrat has emerged from the abyss to challenge our Republican incumbents, Dels. Susan Krebs, April Rose, and Haven Shoemaker. Young Carol Anne in Poltergeist II could have easily been referring to Carroll County Democrats when she creepily announced in 1986 that “they’re back.”


The Democratic challenger to the incumbents claims to an independent, bipartisan voice for the folks of Carroll and has made accusations that our current delegation has accomplished nothing in Annapolis. Neither claim could be farther from the truth. Over the last four years, our present delegates and Sen. Justin Ready have worked closely with Gov. Larry Hogan to secure over $44 million in road improvement projects in Carroll and obtain extra education funding to offset lost revenue due to declining student enrollments; more money than any other county in the state, second only to Baltimore City.

Del. Krebs was a co-sponsor of House Bill 1795, which stabilized Maryland’s health care insurance market and prevented rates from increasing by 50 percent or more. The Governor signed this landmark legislation last April. Del. Rose served on the subcommittee that crafted the School Resource Officer bill that passed last session. This bill put trained law enforcement officers in our schools in an effort to keep our children safe. Del. Shoemaker was the primary sponsor on two successful pieces of legislation that put the brakes on some of the out of control standardized testing that is being forced on our children. Sen. Ready played a pivotal role in defeating sanctuary state legislation which would have made it illegal for law enforcement to cooperate with federal authorities to remove illegal immigrants who committed serious crimes, like the human trafficking of minors for child prostitution.


Most of the public never hears about these victories in Annapolis. The sad reality is that most of the legislation that is passed or stopped in the General Assembly is not sexy nor newsworthy. As a result, the District 5 team’s many achievements go unnoticed.

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Meanwhile, their Democratic opponent has made bold promises that if she wins the General Election, she won’t become a part of the political machine or vote along party lines. While I do appreciate her innocent optimism, the truth is that the General Assembly is controlled by a political machine, ran by the Democrats. The graveyards of Annapolis are full of formerly bright-eyed Democrats who thought they could stand up to the machine and think for themselves. Those naive souls were either chased out of town after their first term or they became just another cog in the wheel of the machine.

In the original “Alien,” Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley is the sole survivor of the frightening film. Congressman Andy Harris can relate to Ripley’s struggle. Due to partisan gerrymandering, Rep. Harris has been Maryland’s sole Republican congressman since 2013, representing half of Carroll. The state’s Democratic party has decided that one is one too many and they are attempting to unseat this staunch conservative. The thought of Maryland having zero Republican representation in the House of Representatives is scarier than any horror movie double feature.

Rep. Harris has been a major ally to President Trump in Congress, helping pass ground breaking legislation including the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 and the “Tax Reform 2.0” bills (which will make the tax cuts for individuals permanent), passed in the House just last month. The positive effects of the federal tax cuts can be seen all over the country, but especially here in Carroll.

Rep. Harris said, “under the President's policies, the economy is seeing growth like it hasn't had in over a decade. A steadily growing GDP, record low unemployment, and incredible enthusiasm from both small and large businesses mean great things for Carroll County. Whether it is more jobs, new breweries, new stores or even renovations in movie theaters — we're seeing the benefits of a moving and growing economy."

On the other hand, Rep. Harris’ liberal opponent has made it clear that if elected, one of his top agenda items is to tear these tax reforms up because he believes they aren’t good for the economy. I think John Q. Public would disagree.

Rep. Harris also sits on the House Appropriations Committee, one of Congress’ most important committees. Through his service on that committee, Rep. Harris has been instrumental in securing funding to fight the opioid crisis and protect our treasured Chesapeake Bay.

Similar to the winged terrors in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” the Democrats may be small (in Carroll) but they can be quite dangerous once they multiply. For that very reason, it is important that we vote for Dels. Krebs, Rose and Shoemaker, Sen. Ready, and Rep. Harris. It will be a bone-chilling nightmare in Carroll if any of these admirable conservatives are not re-elected on Nov. 6.